How to turn a defeat into a victory

There is a critical period right after a humiliating garden-variety business defeat where you have to make a sequence of correct decisions. Here they are in computer programming / recipe style.

1. Calm
Calm the f*** down immediately. Accept the defeat and do not retaliate. If you do it will be in desperation and will not be supported.

2. Infusion of Vitamins
Do not turn to alcohol. In fact, do the opposite. Proceed to your local health or convenience store and down a quart-size smoothie and two super vitamin packs.

3. Get Gifts
Do you have special loved ones in your life? Get some well-thought out gifts for them. No sense in having the whole world pissed off at you (plus it will occupy your mind a little bit).

4. Meld Mind and Body
Go to the gym. Add weight, add time but set a new personal record in the gym on something. If you are not athletic, walk around the block three times.

5. Sleep
Go to bed early. Hopefully with the exercise you will fall right to sleep.

6. Next Day — Business as usual
Take care of your business, Gas in your car, pay your bills, be responsible. Execute menial tasks flawlessly.

7. Create a symbol of the “Defeat”
It could be an image on your desktop. A clear reminder of that defeat. It will be so painful to look at it now. In the future it will be a symbol of the multiple personal and professional accomplishments that were started and completed as a result of that defeat.