Goodbye Apps. Hello Services
mark smillie

Hello Mark,

user INTENT parsing ( your example “I need cab now” and more complex ones) is almost solved( I would say 80% as of today), please look at these urls for details .

By the way is bought by Facebook .

Google can make similar API in matter of months .

The real issue is integrating all those API ( Uber, Fandango movie tickets, table reservation , Doctor appointment etc.. )

Even the above is not really a problem. Both Google and Facebook can integrate all those SERVICE APIs in few months .

Google/Facebook can make them free for consumers for using those services and also no charge from Businesses providing Physical service/items . It may be 30 people team working for 3 months to build entire system . There won’t be any resistance from businesses as they are getting lots of new customers WITH OUT Paying any money ( for advertisement of their products and services ) .

For all this hardwork of building the system and making it popular Google/Facebook may give it one year no Fee and after that charging say 1% of Transaction fee .

Say Google/Facebook may realize say $1 Billion in revenue from this kind 1% Fee . But at what cost, by losing $10 B/year Ad revenue from Businesses .

When you have such an efficient AI based Message Agent ( Bot ) based system , Businesses won’t advertise on Goolge and Facebook . In such an efficient AI world , Customers have their own AI Bots which can be mislead by Advertisement , so Businesses improve their quality of product/service instead of spending on Advertisement with Google/Facebook .

Google and Facebook know this end game of losing order of $10 B/year when AI bots took over . That is the reason Google/FB won’t encourage this kind of AI bots .

The Customer “PAIN” you talked is the SOURCE of revenue for Google/FB in the form of Advertisement dollars .

A new Startup can build this kind of service, but needs Billions of dollars in funding which is not viable.

Lot of Naive people like me, you and many others do not think the Conflict of interest Goolge/FB has in promoting AI based intelligent agents .

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