13 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Engaging Facebook Images

Want to know a secret? It’s one savvy Facebook marketers have known for a while.

Visual marketing is the key component to getting your Facebook content seen.

In fact, a study by Software Advice found that graphics are the top way to optimize Facebook posts.

But, what does that mean to you as a business marketer?

You need to get visual…and fast!

But how do you do that with little design skills and an even smaller budget?

Easy peasy!

I’ve scoured the web to find the top visual marketing tools that will help you create memorable visual content.

And no, I don’t mean tools that will break your budget or burn hours within your day.

I chose each of these tools for three specific reasons.

  • Ease of use (low barrier to entry and little to no learning curve)
  • Cost effective and in line with a small visual marketing budget
  • Flexibility to design a brand that’s unique to you (and not cookie cutter)

Ready to power up your visual designs? Here are 13 must-have marketing tools for engaging Facebook images.

1. Relay

If you want to create branded graphics in a matter of minutes, Relay is the tool for you.

Relay made the top of my list for many reasons. While it’s one of the newest tools on this list, it’s evolved rapidly. From the pre-designed templates to the professional grade elements and layouts, Relay has everything you’re looking for.

Tired of trying to keep up with the correct dimensions for each social network? No problem. You never have to worry again about what size you should use. With Relay’s custom templates, you can create a tweet or Facebook cover image in a snap.

And while you’re at it, rather than spending hours adding, removing and manipulating graphic layers, Relay makes the process easy. Choose the layout, then your colors, fonts, and elements to create a branded and visually appealing graphic.

Here’s an image Craig Carpenter, founder of Relay, put together after my guest appearance on Kim Garst’s Twitter chat, #SocialCentsChat.

To read about the other 12 tools (and see examples), check out the original article over on Post Planner’s blog:

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Once you’re there, you’ll also see an original Post Planner infographic you can download. That way, you can keep this list of marketing tools handy!