Should we kiss on the first date?

Should we kiss on the first date?

We all have wondered at the end of the first date if we should kiss. You like the other person but are not sure if the other is into you. One way to find out if you have doubt; try to kiss the other person and see their reaction; Of course you have to be gentle and elegant for the first kiss.

You can do it safe by giving them a kiss on the cheek.

1. Relationship vs one night stand

We’re not being prudish because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with instant passion. But if you’re looking for more than a one-night stand, it makes sense to wait and give things chance to develop into something more special.

This is especially important if you really like the man as a woman. Remember all man in nature are hunter, Yes, even the shy type have that certain urge in them but express it in another way.

If a man really likes the woman than for him speed is important. But it is in the woman to slow down the process until you win his heart. By showing him that you are worth his time but be careful.

Do not slow it down too much with him and then he finds out that you have given someone else a one night stand or within a week. This will backfire to you and then he WILL play games with you and when he is finished your heart will be in 1.000 pieces.

Know your limit and do not use sex as a bait because remember after a while there is nothing special to it.

2. Kiss on the cheek or cheek touching cheek.

If you at the end of the date give the other person a tender kiss on the cheek it may seems like kinder garden but it has a deeper emotional connection than a full out kiss on the mouth for the first date.

Yes, I know it sounds strange hearing this from a man. We do not say this because some of us think we need to be all in all the time. But this can give you a deeper connection to the person.

Plus, for the coming days you are in his mind. So if you really like him make sure you meet up as soon as possible, before he loses that connection that you have created by giving him the sweet tender kiss on his cheek.

If you are not really into each other or only 1 is interested then you can do cheek to cheek. This is simple and says a lot to the other person. It also avoids any miscommunication unless the other person is really bad in reading between the lines and the subtle information that is given.

3. Keep options open

When you’re on a date and you do not touch each other there will be no connection created between you two.

It is important to touch each other in a gentle and respectful way to create any connection.

But if at the end of the date and you’re not sure if there is anything there to pursue you can try a small hug and see how it feels.

Some say that you can do the hug and a cheek to cheek but for me a hug will say enough.

It shows friendliness and physical contact, while also setting clear boundaries.

4. Gentle touch or a handshake

If you’re really unsure whether your date is interested in seeing you again, or if you’re certain that you don’t want to see them again, a friendly arm squeeze or a handshake will make it clear that you’re saying goodbye and clarify what you see as the appropriate levels of physical contact.

5. An unwanted first kiss.

How do you deal with an attempted French kiss on the first date if it’s unwanted or if it’s too soon? It can be a very awkward situation, and one that derails many potential relationships before they have had any opportunity to develop.

This is also one of the problems sometimes with men that aren’t used to having boundaries.

If you’re interested in a woman and you see the potential in her to be more than just a one night stand. Learn to restrain yourself and your urges, even when all the signs are there to go further.

Because we all know, if you get it easily, what goes through your mind, How many has she given it easily too, while that does not have to be the case.

So if you want her to be more than one night control your desires.

The same goes for the woman. If you see a man has the potential to be much more, control your desires because once given, you cannot change the rules how you interact with the person.

If you’re just searching for sex, have fun. But If you see that he could be the one, control how much you give in the first few weeks.

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