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Hmm. I did the delivery room thing two days ago — not my baby. Have gone to cemeteries…I have manners so I’m not really disturbing, trashing, littering or disgracing anyone alive or dead when I’m there keeping to the paths, going late, being quiet and if anyone’s around giving them more than adequate personal space. Funerals, I probably would at viewings off to the side in the rooms/areas with food and people socializing, otherwise nope. Pre/post-coitus — none of anyone’s business but yup, and she would do it too. Adele’s concert — unfortunately I have to attend one of these soon, but I would totally play there. Oh no! I might have to leave early. The memorial types of sites — they’re not exclusive to mourners. I see absolutely nothing wrong with any of these public places. I’m not going to be whooping and hollering or anything tacky and inappropriate — discreet.

People with bumper stickers offend me, dressing in pajamas or with the same style as your five year-old is inappropriate, ordering the “chicken one” on a menu at every real restaurant because you have the diet of a Bob Evans is offensive, the 99% of people who don’t clorox/alcohol wipe the grocery carts, DMV vision forehead thing, cough/sneeze/whatever freely are disgusting members of the human race. Parents that use their baby strollers to force their way through crowds and excuse themselves for giving unsolicited masters-of-everything advice are fucking ridiculous, babymoons, gender-reveal parties, first day of school photos with signs in chalk and BS choreographed shots and nothing candid…double points of obnoxious if they’re babies or toddlers and just going to daycare — you are bad parents and your kids will probably end up safe, but mediocre…and probably attending Rhianna, Adele, and Beyonce concerts in Vegas where they will end their careers at comped by a casino-hotel “treating” their now elderly parents to a good time out of guilt-gratitude for them taking them to see future Sons of N’sync: Glee on Ice once upon a time.

Yeah, people can play Pokemon wherever they want to. If they’re horrible human beings in these places, they’re probably horrible human beings everywhere. The setting doesn’t dictate the level of offensiveness/decorum — their wasted existence already did/does that any time, any place.