A day in the life of a New Zealand Provincial

We tend to find ourselves around the fire at this time of year. Summer is a long distant memory and like the Starks say “Winter is coming”.

The initial rush of beginning a new year has moved on and now that most of the early year breaks (Waitangi Day, Anniversary Weekends, Easter and Anzac Day) have gone, it is now time to get our hustle on and grind like there’s no tomorrow.

Which is why I was standing around a fire.

My bro Quinn had brought some new AR tech to show but his client Eru stood him up. Fortunate for us that Quinn came back to give our Digital Basecamp crew a demo and he blew them away. We have a bunch of problems and he has effectively walked in with a platform that can solve it. So we went to the house of our other bro Hemi and had a casual network drink. It has been a few moons since we last we sat to talk. Great night.

Earlier that night my first cousin Wiki mentioned that her restaurant in the city was open for late orders, so I had to send a message for 6 rewana burgers, 2 bags of $10 frybread and 2 whole steam puddings. I dropped some off to a good whanau and brought the rest home. Needless to say, it was all gone in 60 seconds.

Earlier that day we had spoken about a friend receiving a Medal of New Zealand Merit (MNZM) and his work on completing a PhD at the same time. Congrats Reuben!

Reuben and I are assembling a Wairua Army but more on that later.

On the work front, our 1st book project received the sign off (yay) and the next book work will commence this Monday.

It really got me thinking about the style I want to move toward, which in turn took me to read a Medium post about the illustrations of Dropbox. The 2nd artist has a cool style.

I put that up alongside another beautiful series I’ve just seen-


Added to that a new tattoo and art shop Is about to open its doors in Hinemoa street…

That’s great for the street.

Online Tha Movement came out with a tight lit track called “Say it again” which is a street anthem.

Meanwhile the bro Camo MC put out probably the must see video of NZ hip hop today. Honest.

Actually I am writing this post mid-School holidays and we have had over a dozen tamariki thru my house. I do totally appreciate now why teachers deserve to get more pay.

An interesting message came thru about helping a friends friend with some Maori designed art and how he wanted to use to raise money for charity. We had a good korero and blow me down, there’s his pieces on the front page of the Rotorua Review. So – well done Lex. Awesome mahi.

Which brings me to one of the things I have to do tomorrow: help a friend prepare a Pitch for his upcoming presentation; help another friend make a music video around an original song written and sung by her (cooool) and to practice my Breitling-style design and lettering. Damn I love that font.

So no it wasn’t quite a milk cows, plant a tree type of provincial existence but it is still rather random.

From having 3 birthdays in 1 day (happy 6th bday Tama, happy 21st Sash and well done Nige – 40) to discussing IT projects to eating yum food to welcoming new neighbours, it is allgood.

If you’re ever visiting New Zealand and find yourself in Rotorua, please do drop by.

1132 Hinemoa Street.

Come for fun. Stay for the lifestyle. Nice.

PT17 aka f'U'bey

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