Indigenous Transmedia Projects and the Possibilities of Storytelling

First I have to acknowledge our atua and tupuna who bless us every day, and to our Mother Earth and Father Sky who we revere and respect. To our grandmothers and grandfathers who inspire our pathways and to good friends from near and far, you honour us. To future generations, we are doing this for you and for the many ohana of Hawaii, kia ora koutou katoa.

Thank you to Derek from Honua Studios. Straight up these facilities are amazing and the atmosphere we felt while in studio for the past 3 days has been exceptional. Thank you brother and we look forward to seeing you in November at our Digital Summit in Rotorua.

Now #FierceGirls is a webseries transmedia production that has been forming over 4 years. Led by Loretta Todd, an indigenous film maker from Vancouver, this project has surprised me at every turn.

The new way of thinking outside the silo and across the silos.

The clever use of layers as touchpoints and platforms as touchstones.

The colonised views our cultures have and how difficult it is to be independent and not be a part of the celebrity culture but still be supported by the community and the funders.

Transmedia has been a subject we’ve talked about for many years and to have this project personify all of the ideas, videos, articles and examples we’ve been collecting and bringing them together – well that’s just magic stuff.

I don’t want to give away any more, but just want to acknowledge David, Loretta and her teams and my honey Lasa for making this all possible. Too cool my baby, too cool.

#FierceGirls #FG18

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