Sharing our cultural stories

Ka rongo au

Here upon the winding flow of my ancestral river, I reflect upon the many memories these waters and these buildings have had upon my short life.

I remember watching our chiefs being carried toward our tribal burial grands, draped in feathered cloaks, floating upon the wailing sadness of those they left behind.

I remember floating down the Ohau Channel on an inner tube, not a care in the world, being swept along by the current and bumping into whanau at every bend.

I remember walking to the Weir, gathering coinage as we made our way to the Happy Angler to buy some lollies and an ice cream, even remember hanging out at the Mourea Fish n Chip shop.

Today, I see our wharenui Te Takinga in a different light. It’s probably that now I am a Marae trustee. I didn’t anticipate standing but my term on the Rotorua Lakes Council has shown my whanau that I am an activist like my kuia Mihiorangi before me was and that I understand policy. Sheeeeet, that’s what I studied for 10 years and gained 20 years of policy leadership experience. Anyway, we had a cool but challenging hui the other week and it demonstrates the split in our hapu. It’s not really but when leadership issues emerge, there’s always 2 sides. Always has been. And the autocratic ways of the past have gone. Or have they? Anyway, much to learn, much to do.

So this Easter is a quiet time for reflection and contemplation.

Here is my fav pic of the day: Hiona, James and Atutahi, my Easter eggs.

Krakup our tamariki. Couldn’t be bothered hiding their eggs so we just gave them. Lucky they even got some. In my day we got nothing. Ning. Nuck. These kids don’t even realise what they have. Too spoiled I say.

Ok recharge time for another mission apopo. oh and I want to korero more about sharing stories, especially our upcoming pitches for 2 animation projects. Cool mahi.

Naiti ra e te whanau.

na PT17 aka Gunsblazin

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