Are apps making recruitment better, faster and fairer?

Finding the right people for the job is a real headache for even the most known companies. At the same time, students and graduates struggle to even get a response to a painstakingly crafted application.

The heroes of this struggle are startups that understand what it takes to create a good match.

Recruitment apps are popping up everywhere. The convenience of finding and applying for jobs on your phone is clear to most of you according to the Potentialpark Survey.

There are a bunch of apps out there just waiting to make your life easier with user-friendly interfaces enabling social media like communication speed and ease with match-making inspired by Tinder. Some examples?

ProSky focuses on performance and helps you to show what you can actually do, thus eliminating bias from the hiring process. Switch works like Tinder. It helps you to sort out possible jobs by this well practiced swipe. Nudj makes you part of the recruitment process — you can refer your friends for jobs.

And there are many more.

The bottom line? Get out there, try and don’t be shy — very much like in Tinder.

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