Striking Features of a Winning Game Studio

With the boom in technology, gaming industry has also taken a step further. Creating games for different electronic gadgets like mobiles, computers, T.V, etc. has increased tremendously. It has become a competitive industry.

Now a day usage of mobile phones is common. As we all know playing is a part of human nature just as we communicate or eat. Almost all mobile phones, thus have games which give great entertainment to the people. Here, the mobile game development services come into the picture.

If you have read Ed Catmull’s Creativity Inc., it describes the creativity of a game studio, which resulted in blockbuster movies and brought tremendous growth. So in order to enter into the gaming industry and make a successful game studio consider the below mention aspects which will help you give out quality games and sustain in the industry.

1.Team Organization

Beginning with the right sized team and then gradually scaling high when there’s a need for a new talent is the best to build up a team.

A successful game studio should always start with a team of experienced four to six professionals and then gradually grow up to fifteen to twenty as the project proceeds from the concept to pre-production, then production and finally live operation. The growth of the team is organic as a new member can be brought in only if there is a need.

In some cases an ambitious team size may slow down the development instead of speeding up the progress. Huge teams create middle management where meetings and communication between engineers and artists increase significantly becoming time consuming. This slows down the process of game development.

In a large team artists and developers concentrate on one thing failing to see how their work integrates into the game as a whole. Whereas a compact team would care about the quality of the game and bugs could be spotted easily.

2.Software Importance

A mobile game development team has only one goal the game should be a hit. A successful game studio is one that makes fast progress firstly at play able and then start iterating on the qualitative feedback generated by these builds. The ultimate test for the team is a soft launch during which the game has to reach its Key performance indicators (KPI).

The projects which fail to reach the KPI must be shut down or respond effectively to the feedback they receive. Shutting down such projects is important as low performing games can be a bad long term decision and can hamper the studio the as a whole. It can eat the resources needed to start up a new project or support the growing games.

The mobile game development team should emphasize on playable which helps in hitting the milestones with builds that has been improvised on the basis of the feedback. It should be regularly reviewed as it boosts the team’s morale and helps in the progress towards the launch.

3.Benchmark Games

Using benchmark allows the team to build the game quickly and make it playable, so as to make the play tests and soft launch data progress gradually.

The more unique and complex game you develop, the greater is the risk. The game studios limit the risk of over — innovation by creating a proper and clear benchmark games. Strong benchmarks reduce the development time as engineers, designers and artists have a playable version to learn from.

Another way to use benchmark is to thoroughly deconstruct the benchmark game, although it is riskier and time consuming. Then the team shall create their own differentiated game based on the benchmark.

4.Play Till Exhaustion

A team that loves to play its own game ends up making a great one. In the initial development it’s hard to play your game as it lacks most of the final art. But still continuously playing it may help the team in clearing all the bugs and eventually creating something that a player would love.

This technique of playing till exhaustion is the actual secret to tuning and user experience. These play test push the user experience. Thus the first for any mobile game developer or web or board game development is to play the game as a team.

5.Respecting Players

The players play games more often than we do. They are our fans. These fans create communities around the games, making them phenomena. A successful game studio is one that creates games which not only delights its players but also challenge them.

The game developers should consider their players while designing their software. If they think their player are too simple to understand the mechanism of the game, they will lack meta –game and other elements. This will have repetitive loops and generate poor long term retention. Losing respect towards a player will hurt the game development and may also kill the community formed around the game.

6.Decision Making

A successful game studio is one which empowers the team to be responsible and take their own decisions. This increases their commitment towards the execution of the milestone goals set for them. This also improves the quality of decision making. It helps the team to learn faster and better. For a good decision making, thorough analysis is required and great responsibility, the team members will end up making better action plans and hypotheses.

Allowing the team to experiment and failing would be a tough call for a studio lead, whose responsible to build and push the team to launch hit titles in the least possible time. On the other hand withholding the decision making power from the team shall risk downgrading the team into production unit with less ownership of the product they are developing.

7.Ship the Game

A successful studio launches its game with the aim that it becomes a hit. Most of them meet the above six elements, but don’t have the guts to ship the game. Sometimes they become too critical towards their work that it hurts rather than helping in the development. If the critique lowers the confidence of the team, the team tends to increase the development time by changing or adding new features to cater to the feedback.

The critique is of importance, but at the same time the team needs to stand by what they believe and what is right rather than keep changing as per the feedback.


The above points make a mobile game development, or web or board game development services a successful game studio.