Fit Simple? I should have known the name was too good to be true. It didn’t matter if it was a suggestion from a friend, an infomercial, or a suggestion by a random stranger…it had me Hook, Line and Sinker. Someone once called me a “marketer’s wet dream” — meaning, I will hop on board to just about any new glittery idea. You name it. Here are just a few that I have tried:

  • Face-er-cise. The jazzercise type program for the face. You just follow the video and scrunch your face into odd shapes — while saying “oooh” and “aaaaa” and you will look younger in weeks! Lines will vanish…
  • Natalia Exercise CDs. I think it was Natalia… Anyway, it turned out to be exercise porn. Meaning — all you could focus on was Natalia’s giant boobs and her amazing flexibility. I am a happily married woman but even I broke out in a sweat just watching the video.
  • doTERRA — slim & Sassy drops. These are essential oil drops you put in your water to keep the hunger at bay.
  • Ah yes — of course. Doctor Oz endorsed Garcinia Cambogia…you know, the wonder berry designed for weight loss. The results are amazing (so they said).
  • Okay, so you get the idea. I am indeed a marketer’s wet dream… so it wasn’t out of the ordinary when my friend Marianne told me about these great little color coded containers that help you portion your food. My pulse quickened and I immediately pulled out my phone to see where I could order this miracle set. Out of her lunch bag came her perfectly sized portion of nuts in her blue labeled container. In my mind — it was sparkling…calling my name. Red is for protein, green for vegetables…you get the idea. So — off goes my order to Amazon, before even thinking twice.
  • Today, my miracle set arrived…What a bunch of crap!
  • My little containers were just that…LITTLE. I could probably eat the entire set — plastic and all in one freaking bite. I mean seriously — what a bunch of bull…Of course you can lose weight when you are on the STARVATION diet.
  • Again — for me it is the sad reality that there is no miracle pill, potion, or exercise equipment. It takes sweat, discipline, and eating a healthy balanced diet. Okay- that sounds easy…but not when you are a marketer’s wet dream.
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