Fifa corruption unfolding, what about ANFA?

A recent news in media about Fifa corruptions, Sepp Blatter re-election and resignation after few days was dramatic. A man who was in helm of power of the worlds governing body for 17 years and the rumbling scandal news is shocking. It shows that the politics in the world’s top football body is appalling.

I am not a professional football player, neither i have career in football or make living from it anyway, but i love football and it is one of the most popular and loved sport in the world and even in Nepal too. All Nepal football Association (ANFA) is responsible body for developing football in the country and Ganesh Thapa have been president since 1995. It still shows there is no symptoms of Thapa leaving the presidency despite of allegation of corruptions and lack of financial transparency of the governing body.

Looking back to the history of Nepali football which according to historians says it started playing around early 1920s during Rana regime and then getting popular all across the nation. The ANFA was formed under the leadership of General Madan Shumsher in 1947. Since then Nepali football have not been able to make significant achievement by this period. Still lack of infrastructures nationwide, unmerit based player selection and dirty politics is a sad everyday story.

Can change happen?

Ganesh Thapa, a former national player and currently ANFA president have failed to take leadership of developing Nepali football in last 20 years with still no professional players in major international leagues, making indecent livings in the industry, zero result of trophies and corruption cases including of receiving an illegal gift amounting $100,000 from Mohammed Bin Hammam in 2009. I have seen many talented players during my school days when i play in local tournaments and district level selection and can imagine how hard it was to get into national level without being born in rich family and connections.

Nepal, a country of diverse weather with home of Gurkhas and Sherpas posses prowess but still no pathway to get into international A level games is a huge loss individually and collectively. A world football market is multi billion dollars industry and it is seriously a missed opportunity for our boys therefore, a right leader, mission and vision with kaizan approach of ANFA will ensure the win-win environment for all and world cup dream into reality in near future.

With the recent catastrophic earthquake of 25th April leaving the common feeling of unity and reconstruction in the country, it is right time to make the change and ANFA cannot be exception. Pale famously said, “The World Cup is a very important way to measure the good players, and the great ones. It is a test of a great player”. May we be able to see team Nepal in world cup too, someday..

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