And so it begins….

Like many, I’ve dreamed about being my own boss for a long time. Constantly brainstorming for ideas to change the world! Ideas bigger than Uber and Airbnb put together…hah, I know! These brainstorming sessions would often occur with one friend in particular, and the best carpenter I know, as we built furniture in his parents garage (cheers Shan). But we didn’t know much about technology. Not beyond working smartphones and power tools. What we knew was design, construction and the outdoors. And ultimately, we knew that to succeed with one of our envisioned game changers, we had to be passionate about it. It had to resonate with us. That’s why I’ve started PowderFarm, an eco-clothing brand, my first entrepreneurial venture and something I am truly passionate about.

“PowderFarm is for those who draw inspiration from the mountains, those with a sense of adventure and curiosity, and those with a deep appreciation for the diversity of these incredible landscapes. These people are not only happy to be lost in the mountains, but often endeavour to be.” — PowderFarm’s About page

PowderFarm had been building up inside me for a very long time, I just didn’t know it until now. And as I build this business, I plan to be as transparent about the process as possible. All of the journey details will be documented here, provided it gives a good read of course.

Photo — Ciprian Pardău

Quick note on my background

I grew up in the awesome little suburb of Upwey, almost an hour outside of Melbourne. Upwey sits at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges National Park, which acts as the southern gateway to Australia’s Great Dividing Range. It was the clean air and freedom there that first developed my appreciation for the outdoors.

My first job, at age 14, was mowing the lawns on my street. Naturally, after this experience, at age 18 I began a career in landscaping, spanning 8 years. For me, building gardens was an invaluable experience. It genuinely manifested my creativity and love for good design.

Another significant moment in the long lead up to PowderFarm happened when I was 15, on a family trip to Mt Hotham…I discovered snowboarding (yes, we have snow in Australia)! Man, I was completely hooked. It couldn’t possibly get any better than this. The freedom you have as you make your own line down the hill was, and still is, so addictive. This addiction has sent me packing for British Columbia, the French Alps, and eventually Japan this coming winter! And it will keep sending me to the mountains for a long time to come.

Now, as I sit in my apartment in Berlin, far away from the mountains, I find my head in the clouds. I need to get back to nature, back to somewhere pristine. But how long will these places remain pristine? How can I be sure that every time I visit one of these places it won’t be in worse condition than the last time? What can I do to to preserve my piece of paradise, so the snow is always deep and the air always fresh?

Insert PowderFarm

Although one brand cannot change the world alone, it can certainly help. Therefor, because the mountains are such a big part of my life, giving back to the environment will be the foundation upon which the PowderFarm brand will be built. Giving to organisations like Cool Earth and the non-profit partners of 1% For The Planet to contribute towards environmental education and preservation.

Photo — Drew Patrick Miller

As an eco-clothing brand, it’s daunting task entering the apparel world. With so much competition, getting noticed in the sea of other great brands will prove to be difficult. But I hope to break through this barrier by operating with transparency, and a solid brand ethos.

If you would like to follow the progress of PowderFarm, then check back in here from time to time. Or, go to PowderFarm and enter your email, I’ll drop you a note just before the store goes live. Cheers!

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