Trail Running outside lifts your spirit

Heavy Fall rain season is here. Winter is creeping in, bringing the usual water cooler talk about whose in a bad mood or feeling blue. Less natural light, too much time indoors, and less movement create a cocktail that can surely dampen your spirits. Fight back, feel good and go trail running outside.

Let your body shine. First get your Christmas lights on. As many of us can only run early morning or after work it is critical to light up. Hit Mountain Equipment COOP or to get a headlamp, reflective clothing and bright-colored clothing.

Think layer cake. You will feel the urge to over-dress. It is ok to feel a bit cool to start. Trust that your body will warm up quickly and will operate more effectively if it is not over-heated. For rainy days, try technical running pants, a fleece or merino wool top, wool beanie, lightweight gloves and a windproof jacket with reflective tape on it. For snowy days, add a third, insulated layer.

Ready to go. Start slowly to get the body moving. Dance steps, fast feet, side to side steps are all good measures to warm and limber up before you hit your pace.

Get liquid. Cool temps can fool you. Keep hydrated. We need water. Water needs varies from person to person but the average person requires about 80 ounces of water each day just to replace what is lost due to normal body functions.

Good gear matters. Don’t skimp on running shoes and take the time to get the right fit. You will want a tested storm beater once you get Mother Nature’s storm bucket dumped on you. Mountain trail tested, winter friendly shoes, try La Sportiva’s Wildcat 2.0 GTX and for that bomber jacket, Outdoor Research’s, Helium Hybrid.

Not only will you feel good inside from the spirit lifting fresh air, count on a massive wave of goodness that will sweep through the body as you kick up your heart rate. Enjoy the trails of winter!