A Story to be Told

Storytelling is an art. It takes empathy. It takes time. And because art cannot exist in a vacuum, storytelling takes a community.

Too often the story of African development is the story of poverty. Too often we, the storytellers, ignore the shining moments when the darker spots seem more visceral, speaking to a part of ourselves that seems more real. Too often, particularly in the U.S., does the brilliance of Africa get lost in the constant news stream of famine, drought, and war.

To show how renewable electrification efforts have produced positive stories on the economic potential and business opportunities in Africa, and to share those stories with key decision and policymakers, two Power Africa partners have teamed up. Greenwish (@GreenWishParis) and the Initiative for Global Development (@IGDleaders) have launched a program called “Africa, Solar, Magic” that hopes to showcase Africa’s renewable energy potential through compelling images. These efforts illustrate how access to modern, renewable energy, such as solar, enables African countries to create better lives for their citizens, boost household incomes, and power economic activities to accelerate job creation and industrial competitiveness.

With the launch of this new project, IGD is looking for sponsors to help financially support the photojournalist team, and to help secure high visibility venues throughout Africa, and in global centers, like Paris and Washington D.C. The photo exhibit, which is the brainchild of GreenWish, is part of IGD’s Africa Investment Rising, a multimedia campaign to change the prevailing narrative on doing business in Africa. The plan is to roll out the photographs and stories in a traveling exhibit in early 2018. In the coming months, we’ll keep you updated on the project’s progress, and we’ll let you know when the traveling exhibit will be in a city near you next year.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact Shanta Bryant Gyan, IGD Communications Director, at sbryant@igdleaders.org for more information.

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