PowerPay, the first fast and convenient, ready to use crypto debit card, which can be used for everyday purchases anytime, anywhere. Powerchain will come with its very own physical card that can be used at ATMs. Transactions will only work with your own pincode, so even if you lose your card, no worries, no one else wil be able to use your Powerpay card.

Powerchain Network is studying on integrating Powerstack wallet to Powerpay that allows owner to send PCX coins from wallet to Powerpay credit card.After this integration Powerpay card will gain double-function issue as valid worlwide Credit and Debit card.

Powerstack highly anticipated mobile wallet for Powerchain Network and its digital asset PCX. Powerstack will be launched on Beta Android V1.0 and IOS with additional features added in the near future.

Powerstack app is a crypto asset management tool integrating peer-to-peer transactions, enabling integration with third-party apps and interfaces through MicroApp, and access to market information.

With Powerstack, you can easily create and import digital wallets, make instant face-to-face transactions via QR codes, and track real-time digital market information to acquire market changes timely.