Consensys Ventures Invests in DADA
May 12, 2018 · 2 min read

Long story short: woohoo!

Visual conversation by Moxarra (Mexico) and Ophelia Fu (England) at

On the heels of Beatriz’s stellar presentation of DADA at the Ethereal Summit 2018, we are proud to announce that Consensys Ventures is investing in DADA as part of their portfolio of companies.

This is wonderful news. We couldn’t have better strategic partners and a nicer team of collaborators.

As founding managing partner of Consensys, Kavita Gupta mentioned in Techcrunch, “It’s very important for us to invest into companies that both embody the ethos of decentralization while also pushing the Ethereum ecosystem forward.” Certainly our missions align in working for a more equitable, diverse and empowered society.

This is a new era for DADA. It helps bring us closer to our goal of empowering creativity and creating a better economic model for artists all over the world. We look forward to many illuminating breakthroughs and are excited to already be collaborating with this amazingly talented group of people. A huge thanks goes to Joe Lubin, Kavita Gupta, Natan Wise and Ash Egan for making this happen in blockchain time!

Visual conversation by Kalemandra (Hungary) and Shortcut (Germany) at

We congratulate the other companies that are embarking in this adventure with us today: Virtuoso, Ink, Vault, Rocket Pool, and our friends from CryptoMKT, which has already helped some of our artists in Latin America get payment. We look forward to learning and creating awesome solutions with the trailblazing ventures that are part of the Consensys family.

You gotta have heart. Drawing by Jason Bailey at

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