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Dear Claire,

I think the story you are missing here is how successful a psy-op this whole debacle has been. Let’s ask ourselves — what is the true issue at play here? Pedophelia, which is no laughing matter, and the prospect that members of our ruling class are involved in age-old ritual of vampiric sexuality. Jeffrey Epstein, the Catholic Church and the hazing rituals of any brotherhood society (including the mild hazing rituals in Fraternal societies) are but a few examples of the frequent abuse of this powerful negative (spritual) energy. Now what is the sleight-of-hand? “Pizzagate” and the blight of fake news which has been successful in distracting us from the real issue and eroding our dialect as we can not even agree on a shared reality. You are buying into the distraction 100% and are thus part of the problem. To redeem yourself, how about let’s do a big article about the history of pedophelia and why the practice so often involves the prominent figures in society (brotherhood societies), how this behavior is taught and passed along (MK Ultra) and the curious case of continuous cover-up’s for these unforgivable acts (Jeffrey Epstein/Anthony Weiner). Be part of the solution.



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