For clarification, are you saying that there was pedophilia occurring at Comet Pizza by members of…
Matt Harrington

I have no idea, none of us writing here do. I also do not condone any violence or vigilante justice by the alt-right, a group I disagree with vehemently. I think this is one of those situations where the specific truth of the spectacle in question is a bit irrelevant — the media seems to like to purposefully leave us in limbo with events like these (a form of psychological torture in itself) — helps keep us anxious and unable to sleep soundly. I am more concerned about the larger issues at hand — pedophilia/sexual abuse/mind control — and view this spectacle as a slight of hand. So then I ask, where do the important truths lie? Let’s look at the issue that we are being distracted from — pedophilia among high-ranking government officials and, more broadly, among the ruling class.

I think we can all agree that pedophilia is wrong, it should stopped, and any predators should be brought to light and hopefully to justice. This is the real issue at hand. If you did enough of your own research, you would realize that the larger claims of rampant sexual abuse within these institutions are indeed substantiated. Why is this not a major social issue? I believe it is because the powers that be very much benefit from this issue remaining in the dark, and spectacles like Pizzagate will only help them to discredit claims against them in the future as fake news. This whole fake news issue feels like a dark and slippery slope that may end up dragging truth and trust in journalism down with it.

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