So you aren’t convinced there was no pedophilia/child sex ring at the Comet Ping Pong because no…
Matt Harrington

The article you linked had not mention of any kind of police investigation into Comet Pizza and only quoted the police who ‘called Pizzagate “a fictitious conspiracy theory” in their report’. You shouldn’t make false claims that the police have investigated Comet Pizza with regards to accusations they are involved in a Government pedophile ring. That would be fake news too so, really, you don’t know for sure. How about let’s have some reporters and a news crew take a tour through the basement with blacklights, have detectives swab for DNA and bodily fluids, and put all this nonsense to rest? That would show everybody.

I am not very familiar with the details of the Pizzagate theory, so it is just a story to me. It just irks me that this whole debacle will potentially tarnish any future accusations of pedophilia/abusive mind control within the government or among the elite. That’s the bigger issue — this behavior is passed along through rituals and many victims become abusers themselves and if it is not brought to light it will never be brought to justice. We shouldn’t be concerned with fake news as long as the truth has the means to be reported as well.

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