I tried to reason with you, but clearly you will not accept anything short of pedophilia being…
Matt Harrington

What you said was there was a Police investigation when there has been nothing of the sort, only the police outright dismissing the Pizzagate claims as a fictitious conspiracy from claims by the Comet Pizza’s owner himself. Are you trying to convince me an east coast establishment doesn’t have a basement? I don’t believe that for a second. I would think that Mr. Alefantis lying about there not being a basement would be grounds for suspicion. He spoke about the basement himself in an interview with Metro Weekly here: http://www.metroweekly.com/2015/04/from-scratch-james-alefantis/ So is there no basement or is he lying?

Don’t tell me I’m wrong, prove it, otherwise you sound like Donald Trump. I’m not claiming there are or aren’t illegal activities occurring in the basement of comet pizza, I am simply claiming we do not know as all we have is the owner’s word and that appears to not be trustworthy. You make good points about a warrant being required for any investigation to occur, and I agree we shouldn’t live in a society where police can search any home or business as they damn well please. Pizzagaters believe there are enough clues from the e-mail dump and occult imagery within the media to suggest something fishy is going on. Until there is an investigation, the matter exists in a state of flux a la Schrodinger’s cat. We can’t say yes or no, all we can say is maybe.

I don’t assume the worst of people in general or the government. I believe the majority of people on this earth are good and have love within their hearts. I do believe that the ruling class participate in age old, satanic rituals like what Kubrick was showing us in Eyes Wide Shut. I believe there is a lot more pedophilia/sexual abuse/mind control than is reported, akin to how a lot more people abuse narcotics than have served time for doing so. What defense do you have of Jeffrey Epstein? What do you think happened to Jonbenet Ramsey? Have you heard of skull & bones? Freemasonry? Bohemian Grove? As much as I am optimistic about the nature of people in general (as we are all one and separateness is the illusion), I think it is equally important to know and understand the nature of the dark underbelly of humanity rather than being naive and living with an incomplete understanding of the world.

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