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21 Ways To Unlock Your Inner Spiritual Warrior

The Art of the Spiritual Warrior

What is a spiritual warrior?

Roles of a Spiritual Warrior:

  • Preserve their soul’s INTEGRITY
  • Protect their soul’s PURITY
  • Empowers their soul by giving it what it DESIRES: knowledge, truth, wisdom, expression.
  • A warrior who fights the battles of the spirit
  • Cuts through to the the heart of the matter (truth)

The warrior’s spirit is their greatest weapon. A warrior knows their spirit is the force that propels them warrior towards their mission. Within the warrior’s spirit lies the power that is beyond the flesh, transcending the mental and physical. Spirit is the animating life force that is embedded in all living beings. The warrior knows how to connect with their inner spirit to gain guidance, life force, and power.

How to Unlock Your Inner Spiritual Warrior…

1. Face your fears

A warrior knows they must face their fears in order to become better in mind, body, and spirit.
When you face what you FEAR, fear fears YOU.

2. Make eye contact

A warrior knows the eyes are the windows to the soul. A warrior does not necessarily have to use their voice to communicate. The power in their eyes speaks to their character and intentions.

ACTION STEP: Look yourself in the eyes EVERY DAY and think about the qualities you want others to recognize in you when they stare into your eyes. Embody those qualities and live them.

3. Empower yourself

A warrior knows in order to help others they must help themselves first. Therefore, the warrior empowers their heart, mind, body, and soul EVERY DAY.

ACTION STEP: Empower yourself and others.

4. Respect yourself and others

A warrior knows respect is the invisible language of power. Therefore the warrior respects themselves and others. A warrior builds their self-respect by embodying the highest virtues, and aligning their thoughts, actions, and behaviors with their purpose.

ACTION STEP: Build your self-respect through: self-love, embodying virtues, and living a principle centered life.

5. Stand for something

A warrior knows they must stand for what they believe in. The warrior protects, honors, and preserves what they believe in. A warrior has backbone.

ACTION STEP: What battles have you fought before? What’s worth fighting for in your life?

6. Be Disciplined

A warrior knows discipline is the backbone of success. Discipline is the way of the warrior.

ACTION STEP: Become a disciple of discipline by practicing discipline of mind, body, and spirit.

Mind: study, learning, create, leading, practicing, preparing.

Body: diet, exercise, sleep, stretching, rejuvenation, energizing.

Spirit: meditation, mindfulness, prayer, nature, creativity.

7. Know your superpowers

A warrior knows in order to become powerful they must KNOW and CLAIM their superpowers.

ACTION STEP: Discover your superpower(s) and use them for good.

8. Live Free

Wherever there is freedom, there is a warrior. A warrior lives a life of freedom. A warrior helps others gain freedom from mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering. The warrior knows in order to gain freedom, they must be free.

ACTION STEP: Unlock your mind by keep an open heart, mind, body, and soul. A warrior keeps a free heart, mind, body, and spirit by detaching themselves from anything prevent their growth and development. Give others freedom by alleviating any suffering they may be experiencing.

9. Ground yourself

A warrior knows they need to be grounded before taking action. Therefore the warrior grounds themselves through the earth and meditation. Warriors practice stillness before action, so they can center themselves.

“Grounding, or earthing, refers to connecting electrically with the Earth.”

How to ground yourself:

“Go outside and place your bare feet or hands on some grass or earth, or to immerse yourself in a body of conductive water such as the sea or a mineral-rich lake.”


  • Improved immune function
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved sleep
  • Rapid healing of injuries
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Reduced stress / anxiety / irritability

10. Follow synchronicities

A warrior knows synchronitices are signs from their inutition, meaning they are where they should be. A warrior knows when they see synchronitices it means they are on the right path.

11. Believe

A warrior knows through the power of belief, they can manifest their reality. A warriors knows all they need is self-belief, and therefore ALWAYS believes in themselves even when they are at their lowest state.

Did you know your BELIEFS control your own BIOLOGY?

Learn more here…

12. Hold On/Let Go

A warrior knows there is strength in holding on and letting go. Therefore, the warrior understands when it is the right time to hold on and let go. A warrior knows the right time to hold on is when the warrior has the ability to continue on.

ACTION STEP: What do you need to release in your life? What is holding you back/down? What do you need to hold onto that empowers you?

13. Know your WHY

The warrior knows their REASONS for doing what they do. The warrior knows by finding their WHY, they can endure any challenge they face.

ACTION STEP: Discover your WHY, what’s your reason for doing what you do?

Learn how to use the power of WHY here…

14. Know your PURPOSE

A warrior knows their purpose. A warrior knows their purpose is a subject matter that is not only mental or physical, but spiritual. When the warrior knows their purpose, they live their purpose.

ACTION STEP: Do you know your purpose? If so, why? What led you to your purpose? If not, gain self-awareness.

15. Live in strength

A warrior knows a strong spirit is a powerful spirit. Therefore, the way of the warrior is strength. The warrior keeps a strong spirit by empowering their spirit, believing in their spirit, expressing their spirit, and protecting their spirit.

16. Protect yourself

A warrior knows their spiritual must be protected, and therefore protects themselves.

ACTION STEP: Protect your spirit.

17. Connect with your heart

A warrior knows within their heart, their spirit resides. Therefore the warrior connects with their heart DAILY.

18. Connect with nature

A warrior knows they come from nature, and therefore connects with their source. The warrior studies nature’s elements, animals, and ways of being.

The warrior knows through studying nature they access the gain the knowledge, truth, and wisdom of the universe. With natural knowledge, the warrior can apply the principles of nature into their own life, to harmonize themselves with universal law.

ACTION STEP: Become a Student of Nature by studying the elements, animals, and patterns of nature. Learn the Universal Laws.

19. Study other warriors

Warriors recognize warriors. Study other warriors in history to embody their energy.

Some modern day warriors…

1. Bruce Lee

2. Jocko Willink

3. Ray Lewis

4. Tim Kennedy

5. Eric Thomas

20. Build your spiritual confidence

A warrior knows they must build their spiritual confidence in order to overcome challenges in life.*6Fl4L_KZUqES2w9CvzFgLw.jpeg*6Fl4L_KZUqES2w9CvzFgLw.jpeg

ACTION STEP: Build your spiritual confidence through meditation, prayer, belief, and mindfulness.

21. Listen to your intuition

A warrior listens to their intuition because they know it is a constant source of guidance and power.

ACTION STEP: Listen to your intuition.

Book Recommendation:

Stay strong warriors…

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