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How to UPGRADE Your Life for MASSIVE Growth in 2018 Using Only TWO Steps

What can you do to you upgrade yourself?
How can you get to the next level of success and greatness?

Upgrade (v): raise (something) to a higher standard, in particular improve by adding or replacing components.

In order for you to progress on your self-mastery journey, you must UPGRADE yourself and evolve. Upgrading yourself means consciously bettering yourself, while raising your standards of thought, action, and behavior. Higher STANDARDS, higher RESULTS. Upgrading yourself means changing your personal settings and installing the newest and greatest downloads for you to receive. The beauty of personal settings is…they can be changed! Old settings include: negative thoughts, patterns, emotions, beliefs, and social programs. To become a master of UPGRADES, you must become a master of CONSCIOUSNESS. In order for your new upgrades to be installed, you must raise the level of consciousness of your heart, mind, body, and spirit through empowering thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Upgrading means:

  • Raising your standards
  • Raising the level of consciousness in your heart, mind, body, and spirit
  • Releasing what isn’t working
  • Keeping what is working

Upgrade Test Check:

To test to see if you need an upgrade, ask: Is what you’re doing working for you? Are you satisfied with your life, why or why not? How is your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health? Is what you’re doing empowering you, supporting your goals and values?

Here’s how you can upgrade yourself to become your greatest version…

Step #1: Awareness (tapping into your PERSONAL SETTINGS)

Practice stillness

Upgrades require you to gain awareness, reflect, plan, and be quiet. When you are still, thoughts and ideas can flow with ease.

Identify junk data (what IS & is NOT working)

What is working in your life? What thoughts, actions, and behaviors are working for you?

Thoughts that are working:________________________________

Actions/Activities that are working: ________________________________

Habits/Behaviors that are working: ________________________________

What isn’t working in your life? What kinds of thoughts, actions, and behaviors are NOT working for you?

Thoughts that are NOT working:________________________________

Actions/Activities that are NOT working: ________________________________

Habits/Behaviors that are NOT working: ________________________________

Identify energetic changes:

What gives me energy is: ________________________________

What drains my energy is: ________________________________

Identify power influences:

The actions/activities that EMPOWER me are: _________________________

The actions/activities that DISEMPOWER me are: _______________________

Identify supports:

____________________________is supporting my goals/dreams

____________________________is NOT supporting my goals/dreams

Rate the following areas of your life from 0–5 (0=bad, 5=amazing)

Physical health: ___/5

Mental health: ___/5

Emotional health: ___/5

Spiritual health: ___/5

Personal Growth: ___/5

Family/Relationships: ___/5

Fun/Hobbies: ___/5


WHY: _____________________________

What can improve is: _____________________________

Step #2: Improvement (installing NEW downloads):

Visualize the new version of yourself:

What would the upgraded version of each area look like and feel like? (Include what each upgrade would LOOK LIKE, FEEL LIKE, and KEYWORDS associated with that upgrade)

Physical health upgrade 2.0 | Mental health upgrade 2.0

Emotional health upgrade 2.0 | Spiritual health upgrade 2.0

Personal growth upgrade 2.0 | Career Mental health upgrade 2.0

Family/Relationships upgrade 2.0 | Fun/Hobbies upgrade 2.0

Looks like: ________

Emotions/Feelings I would feel: ________

Keywords: ________

Build your energy

Upgrades require energy. You must have energy in your heart, mind, body, and spirit in order to receive the downloads you need to level up. Energize thyself.

Build your power

Upgrades require power. In order to upgrade yourself you have to plug yourself into a POWER source, YOU. To access your power, empower yourself.

Raise the bar (consciousness)

To raise the bar means to raise your level of consciousness. Raising your consciousness means raising the awareness, energy, and power of your heart, mind, body, and spirit.

To LOCATE means to increase the level of your conscious ACTIONS, THOUGHTS, and EMOTIONS.

Consciousness raising activities:

Heart: love, compassion, listening to your heart, creating, connecting, giving/volunteering, etc.

Mind: learning, gaining new knowledge, thinking, reflecting, philosophizing, teaching, repeating affirmations, etc.

Body: high vibe foods (plant based-alkaline), water, blue/green algae, vitamins, exercise, stretching, etc.

Spirit: meditation, yoga, creating, expression, fun, comedy, deep breathing, prayer, divination, nature, etc.

*Book recommendation: Raise your Vibration

Have a backup

Most pieces of technology have the option to backup data in case of a shutdown, you are no different. When you’re changing your personal settings and upgrading, you need to have a backup plan in case things don’t go as planned. Create backup plans for yourself. Part of backing up your personal data means learning the lessons your previous version offered you. Keep a “Lessons Learned” log to remember what you learned from your previous version.

ex) Upgrade 2.0: ______________

Backup plan → If the upgrade doesn’t go as planned I will: ______________________________

List action steps:

__________, __________,__________,

Give more

Upgrades require you to give something in order to receive something. In order to upgrade yourself and the areas of your life, you must master the art of GIVING. Giving more to yourself, others, and life itself will dramatic change your results. When you give more, you receive more knowledge, experience, wisdom, and resources.


Upgrades require focus. Focus on performing the actions that will produce your desired results. Have a focus for each day, and take actionable daily steps towards that focus. Keep your focus by keeping yourself accountable through: phone notifications, lists, timers, people, calendars, etc.

What 3–5 daily actions will help accomplish your goals?
What are you top 3–5 focuses for today?

Push your comfort zone

Upgrades require new levels of effort. Gradual increases in pushing or expanding your comfort zone are best. Every time you push your comfort zone, you increase your personal power, because you’re living in your higher self. Your higher self is grounded in: DISCIPLINE and HIGHER EMOTIONS. When you discipline yourself to do what you didn’t want to do, you build willpower and self-efficacy.

ACTION STEP: Push the comfort zone your heart, mind, body, and spirit by utilizing the power of ONE. 1 more…minute, step, word, repetition, practice, smile, book, prayer, etc.

Master your time

Upgrades require time. In order for you to complete a personal upgrade, you must be patient and use your time wisely. To master your time, you must become a master of FOCUS and DISCIPLINE.

Connect to the universal internet (knowledge)

The internet represents a connection to knowledge and energy. In order for you to know how to make changes, it’s important for you to connect to knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Seek the experts and masters for each area you want to improve.

Where can you find the knowledge to improve ________?
Who is experienced in upgrading that area of life?
Who is the master of the area you want to improve?

Connect with supports

To upgrade yourself to a new level, you need to have support buddies. USB ports allow you to plug into a power source in order to transfer knowledge, experience, and support.

Who are the USB’s in your life?
Who supports, empowers, and encourages you?
How can you work with your USB’s to support each other?

Get rid of bugs and viruses

As you upgrade yourself you will definitely encounter bugs and viruses. Bugs and viruses need to be checked and released for downloads to install.

Bugs = negative people, thoughts, actions, habits, and behaviors

What bugs are infecting your upgrade?

Viruses = distractions, defeating thought patterns

What viruses are threatening your upgrade?

APPly yourself

Apps are programs designed to perform a certain function. In order for you to upgrade yourself, you need to apply yourself in different ways. APPlying yourself means investing in yourself, and achieving your personal power.

Live a principled centered life

In order for your personal settings to be upgraded, you have to keep them up to date. Principles allow you to build and maintain your personal power, so you can continually access upgrades.

Be the MVP

The best upgrades are those that leave you wanting more. Being the MVP in life, means you are the UPGRADE. MVP’s are committed to personal growth and mastery. The more committed you are to LIFE, the more life will be committed to YOU. Here’s how you can be the MVP…

Remember: Upgrade yourself, upgrade your life. Continually upgrading yourself will build your power and take you to the next level. Stay masterful, stay powerful.

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