Political Weapons Grade Plutonium Available Now at Pre Hiroshima Prices

New Political Atom Bomb Can Free America From Tyranny

…and make you big money if you act soon.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am commanded to love God and my neighbor. If I do this, how could I not want America to be free? Certainly the U.S. is holier than less free countries such as North Korea. Certainly I want anybody I love to be free of tyranny. It is for these reasons that I am introducing the political equivalent of the atom bomb.

This is not a start up. This effort has hundreds of subscribers, mostly from these Gab and Twitter accounts. This article tells you what’s about to happen and how you will make a lot of money if you act before it does.

Introducing political power that you can own and resell just like weapons grade Plutonium (legally of course). The catch is that this new weapon has not had it’s “Hiroshima moment” yet; so, the news media and general public know nothing about it. If you want to be a part of the “Enola Gay” mission demonstrating what this new weapon can do to tyranny in America and make a lot of money doing it, you need to be pretty smart right now. You need to act before the news media and public figure it out which will be soon.

You have no idea what I am talking about because you and the world have never seen anything like this before. That’s why you have to be so smart. Although this “Plutonium” has an unequaled ability to influence elections because it is legally free from certain campaign finance laws, its real value is its ability to force unconditional surrender from legislative bodies without being spent. Whatever side of a political issue owns the most of this new weapon will eventually control the USA and get what they want for almost nothing other than stockpiling its fuel. Just like the atom bomb, once the world sees what this political weapon can do to a lawmaker’s career, it might never be used as anything but a threat again.

Its Hiroshima moment will be soon as part of the 2020 election cycle. Maybe the media will figure it out much sooner, who knows? Good guys need to act first to assure their advantage by stockpiling this weapon at an affordable price. The supply is limited and cannot be increased. Once the media tells the public about this power, the price will be forced up as everyone tries to get more power for themselves. Who could ever have enough political power? To own any serious quantity of it before the world knows, you’ll need to believe in the plan below or want what it promises so badly you’ll take a chance on what you don’t understand. Either way, you should be able to make very big money with this knowledge.

As bad as this new weapon may sound at first to patriots, it will actually result in a great decentralization of political power in America. Sure, the people who act first will get more political power than those who act later and they might also get pretty rich, but that concentration of power and wealth will be nothing in comparison to that which plagues America today and will be a major advance in our fight for freedom.

Here’s How You Make Big Money

Imagine being one of the few people in the world who knows that a commodity that is almost worthless now will be the only way to control the most powerful country in the world soon and this commodity is in very limited supply. You should be able to make an absolute killing. How much, who knows, but the target price for this commodity is $5 each. You should be able to get it for a penny each or maybe even less if you act before the media figures it out. The math here means for every $5 worth that you buy now you can turn that into $2,500 when the plan reaches full steam. Maybe even more. If you don’t have much money to buy any, you can earn quite a bit just by getting your friends to act on it. If you really want to be rich and powerful in the new world that is coming, just join this movement and help get it off the ground. To the victor goes the spoils!

You can even get some of this commodity for free right now just by trying it. The plan is for every politically active person in America to receive on average three of this commodity which they can use to vote on any political issue they want. If you act now, you can receive 3,000 for free. Yes, the incentive now is much greater than it will be later because you have to be much smarter to act now as opposed to waiting until your trusted news media source tells you. To get this free political power all you have to do is email jim@powervote.io with the subject line “Free Political Power.”

Here’s How “The Bomb” Works

Let’s say you take advantage of the free offer above. You will now own a crypto currency called PowerVote. You can use this political power to vote on any political action that you want.

The tally of these votes is made public on PowerVote’s web page. Right now, you can actually see this political atom bomb being armed and loaded onto its Enola Gay for yourself. To recognize the tremendous firepower of this bomb, here’s what you need to look for:

  • The use of deposits instead of contributions for political influence. Two of the key advantages of deposits are that they can be a threat to lawmakers without being spent and they are legally free of campaign finance laws that protect the jobs of lawmakers. This makes the threat almost impossible for lawmakers to stand against so the deposits should rarely need to be spent.
  • The PowerVotes you see on deposit in support of political demands are a commodity similar to weapons grade Plutonium that can be bought, stored, and sold at profit. It can be used in support of any political demand.
  • The pooling of enough power to defeat one or two lawmakers of average electoral strength should be enough to control an entire legislature without any of the power being spent at all. The PowerVote web page makes this pooling very easy while each depositor retains control of their PowerVotes.
  • The supply of PowerVotes cannot be increased. The blockchain limits the supply to 120 million. That’s about 3 PowerVotes for every person who voted in the last presidential election. Similar to Bitcoin, there’s nothing anybody can do to increase the supply. The price will go up as its power becomes apparent.
  • The political issues currently discussed and elections targeted on PowerVote’s web page, though very important, are of secondary importance in comparison to the ability to control elections that will be demonstrated soon. Once this power is demonstrated, average Americans should be able to obtain unconditional surrender from all U.S. legislative bodies.

If you look at the PowerVote home page at powervote.io, you will see a tally of deposits in support of gun rights. These deposits will soon be refunded, at least in part, to their owners. Along with their refund, the owners will receive an issue of the PowerVote Refund Alert System that they subscribed to previously. The Alert will inform them that a targeted lawmaker ignored their demands and voted for the Red Flag bill in Maine that recently passed. In order for the gun rights movement to be able to control lawmakers and protect our freedoms anywhere in this country, the lawmaker who was the primary target during the legislative process but voted for the bill anyway needs to be “nuked.” They will be told the best way to do this will be for them to donate at least some of their deposits to the named candidate challenging the targeted incumbent. They will be told how to do this. Since the deposits and subscriptions were originally made in hopes of pressuring lawmakers on gun rights by patriots who are passionate about freedom in America and these patriots could have requested a refund at any time if they wanted the money for themselves, many if not most will do what’s asked.

Please don’t be confused by this. Yes, the primary purpose of PowerVotes is to pressure lawmakers without being donated just like the primary purpose of nuclear weapons is to keep the peace without nuking anyone. What you are seeing with these contributions is PowerVote’s Hiroshima moment. The NRA and similar political action groups are prohibited from contributing more than $400 to a candidate in Maine. This limit protects incumbents from serious attack. For all intents and purposes, there is effectively no legal limit on a PowerVote attack on a candidate. For about $20,000 in PowerVote contributions, PowerVote should be able to totally nuke the career of the lawmaker targeted in the Maine House of Representatives. There are over three million PowerVotes now on deposit in support of gun rights. The candidate who receives these contributions can sell them for dollars and this should be more than enough money to assure that he or she wins and thereby defeats the targeted lawmaker. This event should shake up every lawmaker in the country because the jobs of most are protected by similar laws.

As for how PowerVote gets around campaign finance law, the contributions are being made by the depositors and should be charged to them and their legal ceilings and not PowerVote’s. As for the Alert, it’s a subscription publication whose content should be protected by the First Amendment.

In a country where money controls elections, if you can’t subscribe to a publication that advises you on how best you can spend your money influencing elections, the First Amendment is a total farce and the freedom of meaningful political discourse is gone. If this is true, its significance needs to be proven publicly. The cost of this lost freedom of press and speech is that average Americans are giving up the power to seize control of government almost for free. The world is about to see if the First Amendment is a fraud real soon.

To get in on this at whatever level of play you want, all you have to do is email jim@powervote.io.

James A. Todaro, former CPA

Written by

Founder of PowerVote, Freedom from U.S. Tyranny in Just Five Minutes

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