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Issue 2 of the PowerVote Refund Alert System

PowerVote Refund Alert System

This is a test of the PowerVote Refund Alert System.

Victory in destroying a targeted political career should GREATLY increase the ability of your remaining coins to pressure lawmakers and should also increase their monetary value.

This is only a test. If this had been an actual mass refund, you would have been given instructions on where to send some of your PowerVote coins to help remove this targeted lawmaker from office. This concludes this test of the PowerVote Refund Alert System.

For details on the current targeting of lawmakers and to see your PowerVote coins at work, see your political demand and the Target Priorities column at PowerVote.

For a report of your PowerVote balance, just reply to this message or email

How Much Money Are Your PowerVotes Worth?

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Bitcoin Price Chart to Price Peak

Your PowerVotes can only free America from tyranny if they have value. This value is what puts pressure on lawmakers. This value is what will cause a targeted lawmaker’s defeat if there’s enough PowerVotes in support of your issue and the lawmaker ignores you. As great as all this is, PowerVotes are also how you will share in the spoils of victory. As PowerVotes show more influence over government, their value should continue to go up. Their supply is limited by the blockchain, similar to Bitcoin. Never in history has a transfer in political power not resulted in a matching transfer and increase of wealth for those who gained power. Freedom always means more wealth. If this history holds true, the greatest transfer and increase of wealth in history is about to occur. Much of this increase value could accrue to the PowerVote coins. To see more price analysis, please see New American Political Atom Bomb Coming Soon: Make big money by owning it’s Plutonium before the world learns what it can do.

Help Peacefully Free America & Yourself — Buy More PowerVotes!

There is no more powerful or peaceful way to free America from tyranny than PowerVote. The best way to free America is to free yourself first. Only PowerVote frees you from obscure campaign finance laws that kill your voice. In order to help free America and free yourself, please buy more PowerVotes.

For PowerVote to prove its freedom can give the American people control of elections in a way traditional political action groups can’t, the four million plus PowerVotes now on deposit in support of gun rights need to reach a value of over $10,000. Half that amount is what is needed to defeat a lawmaker in Maine who voted for Red Flag laws in spite of there being enough PowerVotes on deposit to cause her defeat. The other half will allow the gun rights movement to keep enough PowerVotes to stay in the fight and share in the spoils of victory.

Please don’t be fooled by nonsense that says what happens in this election in Maine has nothing to do with you. That’s like Americans saying in 1945 that what happens in Hiroshima has nothing to do with them because they don’t live there. Almost every lawmaker in the country is protected by laws similar to those protecting the job of this lawmaker. If PowerVotes cause her defeat, lawmakers will see a political weapon so powerful that legislatures in other states and eventually Congress will surrender unconditionally to the will of PowerVote subscribers and the American people. Lawmakers will have no choice. This will all be a function of the value of PowerVotes that are on deposit, not how much money Americans donate to politicians.

In order to reach the $10,000 goal above, the price per PowerVote has to roughly reach just $.0025 each ($10,000/4,000,000).

For Sale: 75,000 PowerVotes for $20.

Just your accepting this offer will bring the value of PowerVote to almost 10% of it’s price goal. If you accept this offer, PowerVote will increase the price on the next offer. This offer includes your PowerVotes being cast behind “Support the 2nd Amendment” or another political demand of your choosing and also comes with a related subscription to the the PowerVote Refund Alert. These PowerVotes will be yours and you can have them delivered to you at any time on request.

To accept this offer, just reply to this message or email

When this batch is gone, they’re gone. First come, first serve. This article will be updated to reflect any sales.

Thank You.

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Founder of PowerVote, Freedom from U.S. Tyranny in Just Five Minutes

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