Thirst shaming — A new gay cultural phenomenon

Ever since RuPaul’s Drag Race sissied its walk into the gay collective consciousness. It has spawned words and slang such as ‘shade ‘ , ‘reading ‘and the most commonly used one ‘thirsty’. These terms have become apart of the gay vernacular , regularly used on social media.
Thirsty seems to be the parlance of choice amongst the gay community. And has become somewhat of a putdown. And its usage is thrown around as easily as amyl nitrate at a gay club.
The urban dictionary defines ‘Thirsty ‘ as being “too eager “ and just plain “desperate “
It breaks it down further into 3 categories of culpability which we are all familiar with. The need to gain fame , admiration and cheap likes on every social media platform. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all got that one follower , usually more , who posts 20 thirst inducing pictures a week. The said person is usually vain , impeccably toned and basks in the glow of numerous likes and retweets.
The pictures are done 1. Purposefully — said person will take selfie in gym , bathroom or bedroom mirrors, with the intent of social media exposure
 2. Knowingly — posing in the picture of someone else knowing it will get exposure
3 Recklessly — person purports to think they are of some importance when in fact nobody cares
This is all well and good. And to each their own. But I’ve noticed the term itself seems to be used quite viciously amongst gay social media. It’s a term used to shame somebody for expressing an opinion on someone attractive. Whether it be a celebrity or one of their followers. Simply paying someone a compliment , however well intentioned , is immediately shot down by a bitchy snipe of thirsty.
Now don’t get me wrong , there are those who would fit the description of thirsty as being desperate. For me that would fall under any form of nudity on Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. I have no problem with nudity. And Iwould often be someone who would like the odd cheeky nude by someone. But its the frequency of that nudity that would for me , be just plain desperate.
Someone posts a good night tweet and accompanying it is a picture of them naked , bare assed and duvet askew. Its blatant and its repetitive. Ok ,w e get it , you’re naked in bed and you want attention. Then theres the Snapchat pics where by someone is naked with an emoji covering their meat and two veg. 
Now I’m not one to body shame or thirst shame anybody. If you’re happy with your body , good for you. If you want to post a nude , go for it. Regardless of whatever your body shape is.
My question is whether we should shame anybody for wanting something every human being wants , gay or straight. And thats validation. We want the likes. We want random people , whether they be strangers or friends , to find us attractive. To tell us were attractive. To give us that approval via a like , retweet , a cheeky DM. A screenshot taken of a cheeky snapchat pic where we lay seductive in bed. A mere tease of bulky shouders and smooth chest. We all crave it and we all play that game. We all like the picture of that hot guy or celeb with the sculpted abs and carved in marble ass.
Sometimes it can be exhausting when you see the same Adonis post another random topless pic. And you know they wnat that attention. You can tell how vain they are an d you know they probably don’t have body hang ups like the rest of us have. And good luck to them. But it does become tedious and plain boring.
But should we be tearing people down for being thirsty. Thirst shaming for me can encompass body shaming and slut shaming. Someone might declare they’re horniness unapologetically or just the need for a good old fashioned cuddle. And again we throw the thirsty word at them like a bullet. Judging their sex lives and dismissing them as merely thirsty. Rather than saying this person has an active sex life like any of us would love. We resort to the thirst snipe, with undertones of slut shaming.
And really rather than judge and snipe , why not just mute the person. If someone’s attractive yet constant attention seeking selfies bother you than just mute and unfollow. Lets not keep tearing each other down. If someone wants to post 100 gym selfies a week , so what. Maybe behind all that muscle is a deep insecurity. And if 100 likes and retweets helps with that , then so be it. If someone wants to tweet about a gorgeous celeb like Chris Mears or Zac Efron , big deal. Like any of us would turn either down
If someone wants to go naked , then let them. Scroll past , ignore. And embrace your own thirstiness. We live in superficial times. And if some solitary likes and comments on your body and appearance give you a confidence injection , then good for you. 
Lets raise each other up and stay hydrated.