Ezra Klein and the Rise of Trump

yeah, and that Racist and Bigot asshole? He is also a thief and a liar.

Dear Ezra,

First, thank you for the video commentary. This seems to have been done because you, rightfully, is bothered by the action of this scum. But I feel that I need to point out something that I think many people, maybe including you, either fail to realize, or is not willing to admit to the truth about him and his rise to infamy.

Yes, he is a vile person. That much we now know, or have realized. But what should really bother you and I, and the rest of the “SANE” America — is that his rise in popularity and now, infamy, for the words coming out of his mouth is not because he was this person we are seeing now. His rise became possible because he found out that THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY WHO TRULY FEEL WHAT HE IS FEEDING THEM.

The Republicans are littered with people like Trump, most of them just don’t have the balls to go over the line, whatever and wherever that line is, they way Trump has done — which is publicly in front of mainstream media.

Why is Trump’s comments worse than, let’s say, Todd Akin, Henry Aldridge, John C. Wilke, or Foster Friess — who all stated some really heinous things against women? Why is Bill O’Reilly and the fat guy on radio not in the same category as Trump? They all cross the line on a daily basis?

We have elected officials who call for the assassination of President Obama, who calls him and his families monkeys, and who at every turn, insults the Presidency — that’s the office — and gets away with it, or just a cursory anecdote in the news.

The fact is, this country is littered with people who are like Trump, or worse than Trump. These people have been here since their ancestors landed in these lands, and they have never forgotten that their belief system and their way of life had been cut short by the enemy government. We call them the South. Well, a lot of them also lives in the big cities, and many of them have adopted silently, and some are in fact, the current Uberlords in economics and the military industrial complex.

But many are dirt poor, living in acres and acres of land and the mountains they inherited from their ancestors who took the lands from the true Natives of this land. They are angry. They have been angry for a long time. They have been waiting for their Messiah. To bring back those times when they can do whatever they want without regard for the consequences of their action. That is why they want to keep their guns. That is why they will swallow whatever tinge of guilt or conscience they may have — all in the pursuit of that justice they think they deserve.

Yes. They want to make THEIR America great again.

And Trump, in their imagination and fantasy, will give them back what they think rightfully belongs to them.

Trump has found a way to tap into this pain; into these sufferings. Into this anger and hatred, Trump, ever the greedy failed businessman, has found his credit. Credit he needs so badly to save his Paper Empire.

And he is getting away with it because people like Paul Ryan and the Old Guard of the Republican Party, would rather throw this country into chaos than lose their money making machinery. And for some of these politicians, it is life and death. It is the capability to send their kids to private schools. It is the loss of connections.

What would you do if there is a chance you may lose your West End apartment and your social connections if you go against the very machinery that provides for your very comfortable existence?

Trump is only an excuse for these people to be relevant again. When was the last time you have actually heard of the KKK making public statements and getting national attention? Trump’s existence in National Media has made them newsworthy again.

Obama’s ascendancy into national politics galvanized these people’s anger and resentment. But they needed a spokesperson. They needed someone who would be willing to do just about anything. They don’t have anything in common. Hell, Trump couldn’t care less if the miners in West Virginia were to end up buried alive in those unsafe mines and cruel way of making a living. He will re-open these mines if he can make money out of them. No, they don’t have anything in common. But they are both willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their objectives.

If there is one institution who should actually be blamed for the rise of Trump. It is the Mainstream Media.

There was a time when Journalists really were journalists. Now, they are mostly just a political tool. But mostly, they mostly are just employees who do and say what they are told to do and say. It is hard to get a job, and it is VERY hard to get the high-paying jobs that will feed your family and ensure First World comfort.

Do you think that if all of Mainstream Media journalists took their Code of Ethics to heart we will have a FOX News? It should not be about being a liberal or a conservative when you are a journalist — it should be about telling and abiding by the truth and the morals of our society.

But, nah. 1.2 million bucks sure sounds nicer than the Code of Ethics.

And herein lies the very dilemma of our society. It is a society built on the blood of the natives and the slaves. That issue has never REALLY been tackled head on. These lands are covered in blood and shame. And the leaders of this country are buried deep to their very souls in it. Natives in these lands are living in misery and, yes, reservations. The majority of the Black People lives in poor patches of city blocks, and if they are in the rural areas, they mostly live on THEIR SIDE of the town. THIS IS OUR AMERICA.

America must atone for its sins. Until that is achieve, there will never be peace on this land.

Obama became President and the Black Community thought they had finally been invited to the dinner table. Boy, have they been wrong. The Native Americans? They may not even have enough strength to drag themselves under the table.

So, you lament on the rise of Trump. Trump might be the best thing that ever happened to America. Finally, we have a chance to tackle these that keep America ill.

In order to kill the monster, we must face the monster.

But everyone must choose a side.