Lessons In Life

Kevin Smith. My Hero.

LOOK IN THE MIRROR. These past few months, starting with that douchebag who represents a major political party in this country, and now during the Olympics, worms from our society have come out to show how ugly their lives are. Vile comments, ranging from the simple idiocy of making fun of someone’s body shape in a fitness center, to deeply bigoted mimicking of a person with a disability, and to the usual racist monstrosity hurled at even our most beloved and admired fellow citizens who served and represent the country’s best on sports. Yes, humans are evil.

But humans are capable of being good as well. It seems that the advent of instant commentary capability has unleashed the inner turmoil on a lot of humans in a society filled with failed dreams and self-fulfilling mediocrity.

When a whole book can be compiled on idiotic comments to a young woman’s hair, what does it say about you who have found time to unleash your ignorant hatred and vitriol? Who are you?

The problem is, you do not even know who you are. And so you find someone to hurt to give meaning to your insignificant existence.

But you know what? As long as you are alive, it is never too late.

You can be a better representation of you. You still have the chance to get away from a society or a family you probably are ashamed to be a part of but have not had the chance to distance yourself away from its ugliness.

As long as you are alive you have the feet to get away. You have a voice to stand up and do the right thing.


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