The Bottom Line.

This douche is now the President of this country. Because 62 million of you thought he is anti-establishment. Well, he is. He is anti-American (the real Democratic America). He is anti-race (unless you are white). He is anti-common-sense (unless it is to his advantage). He is anti-Religion (unless it is for Anglo-Saxon Christianity). He is anti-Earth (no “unless” there… just pure anti-Earth. Period.) He is anti-you.

Because he does not care about you. Only his self-interest.

And he is okay with the Republicans shoehorning their extreme-right vindictive agendas to the masses, as long as he gets what his self-interest wants. That is the relationship between him and the Republicans.

It is a marriage based on self-interest. Donald keeps to do his business and expand his empire; the Republicans gets to bring back this country to a White America. That is all.

So, while you are busy screaming mad at Trump — he is just a diversion.

The real attack on the progress of a more unified and diverse planet are actually coming from the Republicans here in the US, and from the same group of Anglo-Saxon bigots in England and elsewhere in Europe.

That is what all of you have been missing.

This worldwide movement is an attempt to take control of the world back to when White People actually control the whole world.

They have slowly lost that control because non-white countries are becoming more advanced, more democratic, more self-reliant. That is the main reason the attack on China has never waned. China is basically a very powerful non-white country; and has been a threat to the economic dominance enjoyed by White countries for more than 500 years. They want to put a stop to all of this.

White nationalism is just pure anger to losing that authoritarian control of everything on this planet.

So, if you are a non-white, or if you are a white person who TRULY (meaning you trutthfully, honestly believe this in your soul) believe in EQUALITY FOR ALL — you need to be redirecting your fight away from Trump and towards all the local and federal representatives who are supporting him. They are the real scum who have allowed this to happen because they are okay with being in bed with a scum in order to get what they want. They are the real enemy.

The people around you who also support these scums are enemies of a true democracy. You need to stand up and call them out.

It is time to make that decision.

All the angry posts and rallies will not fix these things that are happening.

The greatest fault that Obama had is being a nice guy. Nice guys don’t get the job done. Nice guys would not bury racism, bigotry, and misogyny. Nice guys want to give them the freedom to kill nice guys.

You want to be the next dead nice guy?