It’s the Beating Heart of your Motorcycle — Be Sure you Pick the Right One!

Austrian Germknödel Recipe

For the Dumplings

A gorgeous slide film. Give it enough of the right kind of light and it will reward you with beautiful photographs.

In case you were wondering “why all the religious fervour?”

Delving into the treasure trove of Bitcoin material in the Bitcoin Echo Chamber

If there was ever a sign that we have too many traders, and too much leverage in the crypto markets, this last week has surely demonstrated it.

Who better to guide you through the financial Wild-West than a modern day soothsayer?

Is this the best prime telephoto lens for sports & wildlife?

You’re HODLing, putting up with volatility. Why not get paid for it?

The media has a good poker face, but there’s no way Biden won fair and square

Power to the People

This blog is about self empowerment of individuals, Bitcoin, motorcycles and self sovereignty.

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