What is Unity Game Engine?

This is the first in a four part blog detailing what unity is, and an introduction to some of things you can do with it. Since Unity is so massive, I can only cover so much in four blogs. I encourage those with further interest to go to Unity’s website https://unity3d.com/unity For further information!

First and foremost, what is Unity? Unity is a game engine, a tool to create video game software for all kinds of platforms. This tool, provides a software framework for developers to use and abuse so they don’t have to worry about all the little things. This means that general things like physics, collisions, triggers, and the game world are already built into Unity so a developer doesn’t have to worry about it.

Without having to worry about the general tasks, a developer can focus solely on creating what they want to create. Rather than spend time building an engine for the game to run on. Since Unity’s personal version is free to download, it is a very accessible tool for beginner developers to get their hands on and start playing with.

Unity also doesn’t charge any royalties to developers using the free version of their software, so long as their annual income doesn’t exceed $100,000 dollars! Which means you are free to make and sell games as an indie developer with a tool that makes creating and distributing games much easier.

On top of the free tool, and lack of royalties. Unity also has a massive asset store, an online place for developers to share/sell things they create. Like models, animations, sounds, textures, and even entire scripts. Meaning that if your a strong coder, but don’t have any idea how to animate. You can still create a game with animations by downloading models and their animations off the asset store.

Coding in unity is another fairly simply task, Unity has a full API for C# and supports javascript scripting in the engine. Creating a simple environment for new and venerated developers alike, to give objects they create functionality quickly and easily. Examples of which I will show in further blog posts.

To summarize, Unity is a powerful game development tool; which provides almost all the necessary components for new and indie developers to create fun, deep, and powerful games. In future posts I will be discussing how to set up a 3d game development and a 2d game development with unity and creating simple objects the user can interact with.