The Boy Named Brick

Brick hid behind the rusted remains of a pickup. Doubled over he tried to catch his breath. The night air revealed large puffs of smoke with each breath he exhaled. He could hear footsteps not far off. He peeked around a busted taillight. Three men were walking down the street.

Out front was a man with dreaded hair that hung past his shoulders. As he walked his left leg limped slightly. The two men following behind where shaved bald. The fatter of the two had his face covered in scraggly patches of hair. The other was broke out in blisters. They both carried weapons that had been quickly painted a bright green.

“Did you see him?” Blisters asked.

“Yup, he went this way.” Replied Patches swinging his green splattered bed post in Bricks direction.

“Wait till I get ahold of that scrawny fucker.” Blisters said slamming his hammer down onto the hood of a car sending already shattered shards of glass into the air.

Brick crept behind the pickup and looked around for an escape. Besides the highway they where on and the scattered vehicles there was absolutely nothing but dirt and the dead remains of a tree here or there.

“Here he is boss.” Blisters yelled as he swung his hammer through the air.

…to be continued

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