Christianity and Islam Could Go Hand in Hand If Only We Allow Them To

Christianity and Islam Could Go Hand in Hand If Only We Allow Them To

Religion. A word that has caused and justified many wars. A word that not many like to mention at dinner tables. A word that induces both war and peace. However, those who genuinely practice religion think otherwise, for them religion is kindness. In fact, as a famous quote states, “If your religion requires you to hate someone. You need a new religion.”

As a believer and follower of Christianity, I too believe in the same notion. The way you see the teachings of your religion says a lot about what you choose to learn from it. As a result, Islam is a forbidden word in the world today due to the self-proclaimed association of it with ‘terrorism’. And for the record, the followers of Islam didn’t choose to be seen this way. In fact the belief was imposed on them by some of the world’s most powerful entities.

Islam is no longer a minority as far as their presence throughout the world is measured. The faster this world acknowledges this fact, the better it will be for all of us. Imagine how peaceful it would be to live in a world without wars based on religious differences?

Here are some interesting findings from my research on Christianity and Islam carried out on the weekend. If you too believe there is something that the world has perceived wrongly about the word ‘religion’, then this might help.

1. Labeling Any Religion is Unfair: A religion never defines or preaches terrorism, but a way of thinking does. Generalizing Islamic nations as terrorist countries is unfair just as it is to label all Christians as homophobes.

2. Humanity is the Biggest Religion: No religion is bigger than humanity. Your existence has a purpose and if you help someone in need that purpose is fulfilled. Kindness is never too much.

3. There is Devil and Prophets in Both: Every religion has a holy book similarly for Christians it is the Bible and for Muslims it is Quran. Interestingly both the Holy books have a devil and prophet each.

4. Both Believe in Heaven and Hell: Another striking similarity in both the religions is their belief in the concept of heaven and hell. A good person dies and goes to the heaven while a sinner goes to hell.

I too am a Christian, but to label a religion is not what my religion teaches me. Despite so many similarities, differences are all that we end up discussing. Ironically, to believe that Islam preaches terrorism is the only reason why both the religions have any difference, yet we continue to blindly believe in the same notion, what a shame.