London Is Struck with A Sadistic New Trend: Attacking People with Sulfuric Acid

Where Exactly is the World Heading To?

The latest acid attacks got me thanking god for not making me a delivery boy, at least not in London. Wherever the world is going, please don’t follow blindly, at least for humanity’s sake. We are living in a world of blinding following trends and finding inspiration from just about anything, even an act of barbarism. For instance, where on Earth does throwing acid on random delivery boys considered a trend, except London recently? The country hadn’t fully recovered from the recent terror activities which left some dead and many others injured severely. And then some people decide to disrupt the peace again by showing up in dark alleys with a bottle of acid to welcome poor delivery guys riding their mopeds, all alone.

Figure 1 — Andreas Christopheros was sprayed with acid

Shockingly, the brutal attack did not happen just once, but five times in a single night. Take a look at the pictures of the victims and you will realize the pain and horror they must have been through. The fear of losing your life is no longer limited to battlegrounds but in dark alleys of a residential place too. The gruesome attack left some of the victims suffering from unbearable pain while others almost lost their lives. All this for something as small as — stealing their moped — and yet we find ourselves complaining.

Figure 2 — Samir Hussain was squirted with acid

Like I said in my previous column, religion has got no role to play in such terrorizing activities. Thus, no religion whether Christianity or Islam deserves to be labeled for inducing terrorism. It is the act of people and not of God. Why else do you think that London’s ghastly acid attacks have Muslims as ‘victim’ and not as ‘culprits’? Has human life become so cheap that we are posing such great threat to it for merely getting our hands on something that didn’t belong to us in the first place?

Figure 3 — Imran Khan sprayed with acid while delivering a pizza

Everything in the world has two sides and two aspects of being looked at. Internet, for instance, played a huge role. What first served a purpose of helping humans has shockingly become a dreadful weapon in the hands of fools. Apparently, YouTube teaches that sulfuric acid can be home brewed.

And the next thing we know is delivery guys being attacked with the same acid. In protest of the same, a large number of delivery boys blocked a busy central street in London demanding their safety, especially against the recent acid attacks. I wonder why something as basic as protection of life has to be demanded with protests while it should be the right of every human being?

We search for life on Mars, while we miserably fail to protect the ones living and breathing around us. It is time we all took one step at a time to protect humanity over our endless desires for substances that would nothing in a hundred years.

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