Diwali wishes are flying around today. May I add my little one too for all of you! Let the festival bring each of you health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

The spirit of Diwali also provokes me to reflect. on how each of us can bring more joy and happiness at the workplace. Difference of opinion, conflicting interests, personality clashes, ambition – reward mismatches are all realities. However, can we indeed go beyond the spate of pettiness? Can we spread some joy and togetherness to build a more successful and a happier workplace? Can we suspend the streak of cynicism and usher in a sense of optimism? Can there be more belief than scepticism? Can there be more trust than suspicion? Can we empower more and control less? Can we deliver more to the larger good and ask for less for ourselves? Can we compliment and appreciate others more than what we want for ourselves? Can we collectively become more by individually becoming less?

If Diwali can help us get more of this illumination in our lives and at our workplaces, we will not need a day of commemoration. We can have brighter lives, full of joy, health, happiness and prosperity. And I live in eternal hope and optimism of a Diwali life for everyone. Stay well.

Prabir Jha

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