#GreatConversations : A Leadership Multiplier

There are many title holders I have observed in my career who have leveraged their position to drive outcomes. Not bad.But it has been more inspiring to see a lesser number inspire outcomes by building #GreatConversations. Authentic, empathetic, deep inspiring conversations- with active listening- are such powerful relationship builders.

#GreatConversations allow us to be comfortable with our vulnerability. Each of us has many. Contrary to what people imagine, you come across stronger by not wearing masks. Conversations are great levellers, if you allow them to.And being comfortable expressing your own limitations add to authenticity & support flows easier.

#GreatConversations. are also useful storytelling moments.Each of us has a story to share, an experience both sides can draw from. But regretfully organisational myths are all about task reviews.There are few #StoryTelling cultures & hence so much evaporates too soon.

#GreatConversations are about exploring personalities and relationships, hopes and fears. These allow people the safety net to be themselves. These help build appreciation of why people behave the way they do. Or else misgivings persist, relationships collapse & firms decline.

#PrabirInsights Prabir Jha