Redefining Corporate Success

Over the New Year break, I had the time to read the Anniversary issue of a leading business fortnightly. It had a series of essays by celebrated CEOs talking of their best management lessons. All the titles had a clear refrain : #Trust, #Team #Persistence #Focus, #Change #LeadByExample #Values

And it got me wondering if there is a consensus in such thinking, why are precisely these very virtues so missing in so many of our corporations. Most of these seem fuzzy to a predominantly left-brain leadership of most companies. Or best left for the HR function to push as well as it can. No wonder these are precisely the issues that plague most corporations today.

How many of our management practices in our corporations breathe all that is being shared? Why so many leaders are promoted because they “deliver” even at the complete erosion of these elements? Why our reward practices are misaligned to what are the “best management lessons”? Why is it that intellectual support is all that these finally get?

Every corporation becomes what it’s Leadership practices. Success must be redefined. It is not just the “what” but even more importantly the “how”. Functional leadership cannot be an alibi for under-par behavioural Leadership. Hope 2018 will be a more honest one.

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