Know yourself FIRST?

We often claim that, we know our partners very well, or we know that xyz person’s nature in depth, we know his/her choice. But, ever wondered how much do you know about yourself?

Do you love thyself enough to live alone forever?

Psychologists have marked; the person in life that you will always be with the most is yourself. But the bad news here is, in spite of spending most of the time within, we still don’t know ourselves enough.

Don’t you sometimes feel like it is so much easier to adore others than to love yourself? We fall in love with a person and we want to spend our entire life with them. But we don’t want to spend our life with ourselves…bizarre. Isn’t it?

Whereas, the universal truth is you were born alone & you will die alone. None can deny this fact.

The whole life story is just about ourselves, but we keep writing others name in it. For instance, he/she didn’t love me enough, he/she cheated on me, he/she did not pay attention towards me or he/she is the best person in my life, I can’t live without him/her, blah blah… In the process we tend to forget ourselves and end up being hurt…Just imagine how much pain and hurt do we cause ourselves.

Often; we are our own worst critic. Unlike other species, we humans have a hard time staying in touch with our instincts or even knowing what those instincts are.

We actually lie to ourselves… yes! We do. We kid our self that we are okay; we kid our self that people love us or that it’s okay to not to love our self & rather give all the love and felicity to others. Then in return we expect them to love us back. This is why it’s sometimes easier to show compassion to others than to ourselves, thus we face misery and anxiety. This happens because the love and care we should pour on ourselves, regrettably we are expecting it from others & everyone knows Expectation leads to disappointments.

We do these things not certainly because we’re expressing what we want for our lives, but because we’re following external criteria for how to live that we’ve picked up along the way. These external criteria are stronger than our deepest impulses, which in human beings seem weak compared to other creatures. Trying to discover what our deepest impulses are is what the search for self is all about.

I am not writing with the intention for you to be selfish, but to know your self-worth. It’s important to first know yourself and feel the love within, to give love in abundance; so that you have no expectations. When you expect nothing from anyone, you’re never disappointed.