2017: Year In Review

2017 has been a year of change and learnings in the marketing communications industry.

Whether it was a worldwide crisis management lesson in disguise of United Airlines’ PR disaster or Kendell Jenner’s Pepsi’s ad, the industry grew more familiar to information vacuum and the importance to communicate accurate information to its stakeholders.

While some brands adopted influential marketing strategies to successfully build their online brand value, other brand giants recognized the emerging significance of using User-Generated Content (UGC) as a part of their organic brand content.

This year I also briefly connected with Dr. Aradhna Krishna, one of the first experts to identify the strength of sensory marketing — a type of which is Virtual Reality that is being used to develop a strong emotional connection with consumers. I cover these interesting concepts and marketing tactics in my blog http://prachipreaches.com/ that most of my network has subscribed to.

It’s been an amazing year at University of Melbourne, especially since I got the chance to study global media under Dr. Wonsun Shin. Studying masters has been a great ride but I have to admit I’m excited to graduate this year and explore this industry in Melbourne.