Generic CSV TikConverter question

I’m brand new to Glean and I ran into a little trouble converting existing data using TikConverter. As I was bootstrapping my setup, I attempted to use TikConverte to convert a generic CSV file of minute data I purchased awhile ago. The CSV file only has the following columns — Date, Time(minute), Open, High, Low, Close.

When I uploaded the data TikConverter auto-select the “Type” as Bar. I was missing some fields(symbol, volume, barinterval) so I created these extra columns in my data, uploaded the file again, and lined up the columns appropriately. This did not work. At the bottom I get “Sample import: Got 0 records and expected …”

I suspect that the formats of some of my columns are not correct and therefore cannot be injested. I’ve included a snippet of my original data. Any idea what might be going wrong?


Thank you for your help!

support Posts: 106 August 2013

as you mention the data you upload is missing columns.

when we add these columns, everything works fine.

here is the working set


clinton Posts: 2 August 2013

Thank you for the help…I realized I put a zeros in for the volume column. This seemed to cause issues. Works now!

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