Summer of Glean 2013 Part 2 — Rewarding Contributors

In part 2 of this summer of glean, we wanted to focus on developers. At a Glean level…. the same Glean benefits apply even if you are capable of writing code. It’s simply much faster to test and trade ideas in Glean without worrying about coding and integrating. Just focus on the trading idea you’re executing, and what Glean signals and actions this idea dictates (with Glean unlocks providing the ultimate security if you need to later embed a design inside a full application).

These features and built-in integrations are not available inside any other platform or trading ecosystem.

To encourage more of what makes our community special, Pracplay wants to provide special benefits to developers who already contribute back to the ecosystem.

First lets just cover the open source contributor make up in tradelink… besides managing this list, helping with qa and doing tradelink releases pracplay has contributed around 90% of code to date :

The remaining 10% is made up by more than 30 ‘other’ contributors, some companies but mostly individual coders :


We’d like to see tradelink grow as a whole in users/features and performance. We’d also have stronger open source efforts from contributors not named pracplay.

To this end and to encourage even more of whats already happening, we’ve rewarded your contributions with a glean unlock discount equal or exceeding TWICE your [non pracplay] contribution to tradelink.

For example, If you contributed 7% of the non pracplay code we rewarded you with a 14% discount on glean unlocks. (To be eligble for a discount you must have submitted patches following instructions on and had the patch accepted). There are 3 levels of contributors, open source level at 0–3% of non pracplay code, developer at 3–7% of non pracplay code… and more than 7% (7–10%). The discount levels are 6% for open source level (~$200 on max unlock), 14% for developer level (~$500 on max unlock) and 20% for badass level (~$700 on max unlock).

Rewards have automatically been applied to the email address you used when submitting the patch, and take effect the next time you log in to glean with this email. You will see the pricing whenever you request a design quote. Unlock pricing also affects your lease pricing, so it’s really a double benefit since your lease costs will also be proportionately lower than normal users. In glean 2.6 you request design quotes by opening designs, going to Explore -> Unlocks and choosing to request a quote.

If you have questions about your rewards or how to use them, please let us know.

If you would like to contribute to the community but you’re not a coder, or you’re a developer but haven’t contributed to tradelink yet…. please stay tuned for further sales emails during the Summer of Glean!

Here is the full contributor list so non contributors can say thanks whenever you use tradelink!

contributor (spam safe) Contributor totals (all patches) % of All % of Other contributor level
rstamer 2,333 0.02% 0.36% open source coder
gregjessup 37,225 0.36% 5.73% developer
cyber42 1,000 0.01% 0.15% open source coder
me0581 644 0.01% 0.10% open source coder
tlmcwills 50,106 0.49% 7.71% badass
farooqkarim 48,700 0.47% 7.50% badass
sheldon.robinson 15,700 0.15% 2.42% open source coder
gliptak 18,100 0.18% 2.79% open source coder
alexbodn.groups 500 0.00% 0.08% open source coder
swampyclark 20,300 0.20% 3.13% developer
humphrey.tom 8,500 0.08% 1.31% open source coder
vincent.chin 26,928 0.26% 4.15% developer
nicolas.dubee 6,400 0.06% 0.99% open source coder
tuxedo.catus 17,630 0.17% 2.71% open source coder
linsingchin 62,168 0.60% 9.57% badass
hostyourwebcam 10,280 0.10% 1.58% open source coder
vincent.chin 2,919 0.03% 0.45% open source coder
kngentile 63,400 0.62% 9.76% badass
ildefons.magrans 8,600 0.08% 1.32% open source coder
jd.fagan 6,400 0.06% 0.99% open source coder
datradelinker 911 0.01% 0.14% open source coder
adam 661 0.01% 0.10% open source coder
koleto 25,400 0.25% 3.91% developer
michael.blatt1 436 0.00% 0.07% open source coder
mps_888 2,100 0.02% 0.32% open source coder
nbraid 21,600 0.21% 3.33% developer
boyettel 22,368 0.22% 3.44% developer
andrew.kovalev 6,100 0.06% 0.94% open source coder
mbtsdk 94,100 0.91% 14.49% badass
olatief 18,500 0.18% 2.85% open source coder
jnilsen87 4,800 0.05% 0.74% open source coder
dkoinzer 2,400 0.02% 0.37% open source coder

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