World Wildlife Fund Helps Expand Bison Habitat at Badlands Park

The former president of his own cardiology practice in Easton, Pennsylvania, Dr. Pradeep Ghia supervised a team of four cardiologists and oversaw matters regarding patient care, pacemaker implantation, and cardiac catheterizations. Dr. Pradeep Ghia supports nonprofit organizations like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which successfully raised the necessary funds to expand bison habitat at the Badlands National Park in 2017.

Restoration efforts surrounding bison focus on populations in the Northern Great Plains, wherein conversation work reached a milestone of approximately 20,000 managed bison in the 1930s. However, 75 percent of bison herds consist of less than 400 individuals, which threatens the species’ long-term genetic health. In response, the WWF established a goal to increase the size of five herds in the Northern Great Plains to sustain 1,000 bison each by 2025. To help parks and territories sustain larger bison populations, the organization reached out to its supporters to raise funds toward herd and habitat expansion.

WWF supporters rose to the call and raised a total of $256,512 by March 2017. The National Park Service also matched funds provided by WWF and the National Park Foundation, bringing to the project total to an estimated $1 million. Funds will enable bison habitat to expand from 57,640 acres to 80,193 acres and increase room for park visitation by guests. The project will include the construction of 38.3 miles of new fence for the bison range. Construction is estimated to begin in the summer of 2017 and take a year to complete.