Pradeep Walia Wants to Help

Pradeep Kumar Walia has always demonstrated a strong ability to overcome adversity, including numerous recessions and other up and down times. For example, he came to the United States from Calcutta, India in 1987 with a total of $20 in his pocket, but within a few years, he had a degree from Slippery Rock University, an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon and a multi-million-dollar tech company. 
No matter how successful he is, however, Pradeep Walia has always derived his greatest joy from helping others. As someone who is a true survivor, having experienced severe ups and downs his entire life, he is always focused on helping people less fortunate Even when he couldn’t afford to give people money, he always volunteered his time, whether he was helping Mother Teresa’s orphans or providing blankets to the homeless. 
In recent years, Pradeep Walia has developed a singular focus on philanthropy because he wants to give most of his money away. His own personal foundation has launched several NGOs in India, including Jimba, that help the poor prosper within the capitalist system. He is also trying to bring high quality health care to underserved areas of India, Africa and even rural areas of the United States.