I am alive !

It’s been really long since I have written a blog so just wanted to return to land of the docs and say “Hello o/ , I am alive too”. Recently I have been trying to hit back the basics because being a self taught developer your don’t really learn in a traditional way , you just do! just do by goggling stuff and if you aren’t part of the any open source community or don’t have like minded people around you. You tend to give up easily as that was the case for me when I was starting out in my first year of engineering. So cut to the final semester of engineering , I still don’t know how to code properly even. No surprises here ! I can code though but at times I have to Google simple things too.So I don’t count that as progress.The reason for this i guess is my lack of consistency ,not following a well thought out path which leads to distractions and eventually giving up.

But for the times I have lost slacking around and being clueless I did get to be part of various awesome open source communities. So I am really thankful to that :-)

So what exactly I am doing these days to improve ? Well it’s simple I am hitting the basics to build a solid foundation(so I don’t have to Google silly stuff and don’t sound like a total amature in interviews ) plus I am really trying to be consistent on projects. I guess these two things will certainly help me in the long run.For this I have chosen Operation Blue Moon where I decide certain tasks for a week and dedicate 2 hours each day in certain task and clock time. Later with the help mbuf I get the whole statistical idea of my week. Besides that I am trying to stay active with blogging and so will at least update a weekly blog.

This week I will be working on Operation Blue Moon and in the free time would be manging an issue i am assigned in coala-bears repository.