Bellator 172: Bully Beatdown

Arteaga Spoils Mayo Debut

Bellator offered refunds after the headlining Fedor vs. Mitrione was postponed at the 11th hour due to Mitrione suffering from kidney stones. TV viewers however, got their monies worth as the show went on. Free on Spike continues to be the best deal around in the face of detractors and haters. While Patricky Pitbull delivered, with a devastating uppercut knockout in the main event, it was Brooke Mayo and Veta Arteaga who stole the show.

Its ‘Patricky’ to see that uppercut that drops him for good.

Mayo “The Bully” had the tables turned on her in an exciting clash of styles. Arteaga promised to finish, unsatisfied after a split decision loss to Anastasia Yakanova. It was not the referee but ultimately the doctor who handed her the victory after declaring that Mayo was not fit to continue.

The bout started with several interesting exchanges in which Artega was forced to close the distance to deliver a flurry of blows. Mayo was able to showcase her skill set by securing the clinch, obtaining a take down and ultimately getting the back. Despite getting to the back 3 times in the fight Mayo was unable to secure the submission with Arteaga escaping each time.

With Mayo in open guard, Arteaga was able to execute ground and pound at will. Several times Arteaga was able to rain down hard shots from the top. These blows were what started the swelling in the left eye.

After a clash of heads that cut Arteaga, it was apparent that she turned up the volume as Mayo was forced to try to neutralize the attack. Despite using front leg kicks to create distance Arteaga was able to deliver a right hand that snapped her head back and signaled the begging of the end.

After another open guard barrage of blows, the referee Big John McCarthy, called the doctor over. As Mayo pleaded that she could see out of her eye, it was clear to anybody looking at her that the fight should be stopped. The announcer then stated that being able to see is irrelevant because of the possible orbital damage. The doctor declared the fight over as a devastated Mayo continued to plead in disbelief.

What made this fight shine above the rest was the gameness of both fighters. Meanwhile, the referee and doctor ensured the integrity of the sport and safety of the fighters.

Mayo will heal and come back, and is likely to cross paths again with Arteaga in her quest to rise in the Featherweight division.

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