How IoT and Bigdata Together can Influence App Market

As Digital transformation is a fact which is going to be realized in the coming future, technology is a core driving force for this mutation in process. Consequently, dependency on smartphones has spun off a new transformation in the way business is being carried out. This is clearly evident in rapid expansion of app market. In addition to that, Big data has put a vivid imprint on resource planning, cash-flow, inventory and other business processes. In parallel to that, the evolution of Internet of Things(IoT) stares at making every household an extension of our body parts thereby blurring the gap between physical and digital.

IoT, Big Data and App Market combined can accomplish new heights of Personalization

How it affects the future?

Going forward, the reliance of app market on real time data will be a greater than ever before creating an urge to stay abreast of user information, feedback in particular. Every day the tools for mining information are getting simplified and it has resulted in increased number of people trying to do it. But surpassing the speed of this advancement, the data across the internet is growing every hour exponentially. Leveraging such a phenomenal data-set poses a challenge to the authenticity of data you already have. That means, the data you are using for certain predictions may get outdated by the time you draw conclusions. This asserts prominence on the selectivity of data by thrusting what to know? rather than How much you have?

Almost all mobile applications across every app store contribute to generating the Big data. Importantly, the global framework in which apps are downloaded and used today is a perennial source of userdata like priorities, interests, habits, locations and other events. Hence the volume is not an edge anymore but it might be a drawback. So an app provider should be clinical to pick the data which he can handle and seek conclusions.

What a Developer should prioritize?

We developers are tended towards making use of most recent technologies, but they don’t suffice the need of using most recent data. To improve our product standard in this competitive world, our skillset should also be inclined towards the genuine information we solicit. This can assure relative advantage and influence the expansion of user base thereby raising the qualitative information exchange. When we think on these contextual lines, this allows advertisers to tailor their message with personalized touch depending upon user budget and other parameters making room to the new era of mobile marketing.

So, How IoT can fit the case?

Since the demand for precise predictions and executions of data mining strategies are escalating, the artificial intelligence of business is running its core cause. In the verge of ambitious battle for useful data, the dependency on human involvement will get throttled and trends like IoT and Machine Learning will emerge. IoT will not help to increase the data, but IoT and Big data together can seek to bring down the quantity of information exchanged. It is accomplished by sharing the information which has already been drawn from other apps. This will bring down the similar and non-vulnerable data being drawn by similar apps for the similar purpose.

That does not mean that apps run with feedback loops like opinions and reviews will resort to the similar condition. Their information sharing will be limited to data which will not change by time or that which is not bound to change in the near future.

Whatsoever may be the influence of technology on business, the tendency towards simplifying the actions and automating them will persist forever. This is from where an App Developer should take the cue and start thinking on. Personalization, in near future, will become more authentic and action based. For that, we need to make sure that the virtual consumer personas we are building share similar attributes as that our target customers. If not we will be shouting in an empty room. The dependency of app market on Big data and IoT are expected to sway the industry by storm. What we now see is just the tip of the iceberg and best is yet to come.