Art is Perspective!

Often we hear different things about art & artists but the most common one:

“Every child is born as an artist, the problem is to remain one” — Pablo Picasso
War Heroes on one wall — Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai

When I say, art is just about perspective, I actually mean the criterion of understanding abstract creations, which doesn’t really mean anything or at least doesn’t make any sense on the first look.

Every ‘human’ is an animal. Every ‘animal’ is human — Entire Humanity

There are different kinds of artists, some do paintings, some are interested in turning junk (at least to someone in insurance industry) into real master pieces. I was eye-witness to one of the creations from waste ply-wood and turns out, even cockroaches are art. No matter how disgusting this is to you.

Cockroach Art — AlSerkal Avenue, Dubai

The level of understanding required for art also depends upon the ‘ART’ itself. If I go into history the ‘smiling Mona Lisa’, well, to me it was a beautiful portrait of a lady smiling but I never understood the thought process behind it.

Painting by @NejibDesign — LMTD, Dubai

A collection of boxes from around the world, you might have seen, you might not have seen, the caramel chocolate boxes, the wafer boxes, the biscuit boxes, just boxes on the wall — ART!

Just boxes on the Wall! — Fümé, Dubai

In jewellery, you need to be an absolute creative by heart and design master pieces. Although, all my life I heard about metal and stone jewellery, like, gold, silver, diamond, aluminum etc. but I saw a ring made with leather and an american diamond on top. That was pretty new.

Leather ring — Cartel, AlSerkal Avenue, Dubai

Riding bicycles could be fun and good for health as well. Have you ever thought of converting those to art? Well, someone did. Here’s a retrospect from FN Designs, Dubai.

FN Designs, Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai

It’s a tradition to put “Union-Jack” everywhere; why should we leave the chairs? And some other outdoor material eh? Well said by one of the home-based galleria which did apply the red carpet but for a whole set of different reasons.

Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai

The overall people interested in art vs. the overall people who have no idea whatsoever is 1 : ∞. Yet, the turn out of over 500 people was extra-ordinary.

A4 Space, By AlSerkal Avenue, Dubai
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