Is This What We Are?

In this very era of so called peace, it is just an illusion that we are living in harmony. Peace is something that all of us want but no one truly tries to maintain it or even achieve a fraction of it. As of now, eternal peace is just a dream and a lie. Destruction and violence is a part of our lives now, we have been forced to live with it, the weaker sections of the society have succumbed to it and one day, so may we.

The ‘let go’ attitude has and will always create havoc in our lives in one way or the other. It works just like Karma, everything you do comes back to you in the form of one or the other. You cannot evade from it, that is life. The severity of this attitude has been increasing with every passing moment and this tendency of humans to condone crime has made the condition in the world worse day by day! It is quite sad to hear about killings every day, but none of us truly care about homicides, violence’s, attacks and much more because a part of us has become immune to these atrocities. People say that they care about what happens to others but deep down within their heart, to be frank, they do not! Yes, that is the ugly truth of this era.

Batman rightfully said,

If you kill a killer,
the number of killers in the world remain the same.

One may derive a lot of perceptions towards this thought, but what I believe it truly means is, that in this very chaotic and way too fast moving world, we have forgotten what makes us different from other creatures. We have forgotten that it is us who have the ability to change the way the world works. We have forgotten the powers that we have! The power to change! The power to distinguish between right and wrong! The power to create a difference and change a million lives! We have the ability of speech, we can think, express, understand, most importantly, have feelings! We need to acknowledge the fact that we are highly advanced creatures. We need to renew the sense of ‘humanity’ in every soul! We just cannot follow anyone blindly, we need to think twice before any decision. Killing someone is easy, but living with the fact that you have killed a person without a reason is overwhelmingly difficult. This deep thought may just mean that everyone deserves a second chance in life, to be forgiven. Dire Circumstances have made life as such. Killing a killer may not be wrong but it is not necessary to follow the path that the killer himself chose. A life without problems may never take place but the least we can do is try and hope for a better future.

Yes you, precisely, you are the one who can try to make this world a better place. Not for the sake of your children but life itself. You have the ability to change lives of millions of people stuck in wars, millions of people dying because of diseases, contaminated water, uncivilised living conditions and endless problems.

But you have to just do one thing in order to achieve this, get out of your lazy bed, work hard and turn your dreams into reality. Dreaming is easy, but implementing is what matters. Believe in yourself. Believe in a better world, full of love and affection. Hope for a better future and remember,

Hope is the only thing that has kept humanity alive!
-Shubham Agarwal

Tomorrow, get up and change your mentality, change the way people think. Every small step you take would create a huge difference, every initiative you take would help the lives of thousands of people, and always

Be the change you want to see in the world
-Mahatma Gandhi