How Positive Customer Feedback Motivates Your Employees

Feb 7, 2017 · 2 min read

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” — Bill Gates

While employee feedback usually includes a mix of good and bad reviews, it seems like the negative ones always get the most attention when brought up. Why is that? Yes, constructive (and sometimes even non-constructive) criticism may give your employees a better grasp of where they need to improve, but will constant backlash really motivate them to give their jobs their all? Not likely.

“In the face of negative events, our brains struggle to perform at their highest — or even normal — capacity,” according to Buffer. We also tend to remember negative events more so than the positive. Let’s face it. Bad reviews are like bills: you can’t dodge them when they come. But, why just focus on the things that go wrong instead of providing your team with more positive reassurance? Having a balance is crucial to the success of any business — because your employees are your greatest asset.

4 Benefits of Positive Employee Feedback

1. It will boost their morale

Employees appreciate getting an occasional pat on the back. Not only does it provide them with the affirmation that they’re doing a killer job, but it also empowers them to keep aiming higher for more praise, and, not to mention, overachievers are a great asset to any company.

2. It sets the bar for your other employees

There’s something about employee recognition that gives the others the desire to do better. A little healthy competition doesn’t hurt, especially in the workplace. Besides, you want your employees to outperform their counterparts. Just think of it this way: the better they do, the more your company succeeds.

3. It increases employee engagement

Some individuals feel that their jobs contribute to the greater good of society. Others just do what they have to do — in other words, work for the paycheck. The latter oftentimes makes the jobs of many a dreaded task. It’s so important to engage with your employees, because they need to feel like they’re fully involved in order to find what they do fulfilling. This boosts employee satisfaction and lowers turnover rates.

4. It transforms your employees into brand evangelists

Your customers don’t have to be the only ambassadors for your company. Employees are excellent, if not better candidates for this as well. Because they know so much about your brand, it makes sense that they’d take great leaps and bounds to get the word out about it.

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