How to satisfy your customers through your product in just 4 steps

Praiseworthy began as just a simple survey and dashboard. In the beginning this was fine, however over time, we discovered that most of our users were way too busy, and they weren’t able to extract all the value they could get out of our product.

This triggered a big product overhaul that has taken several months in the making, and has lead us to change our internal design and development processes. Here’s what we have taken away from this experience so far:

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1. Learn about their needs and how they work

Sales representatives are so busy most of the time. They only interact with the computer once they are completing a transaction. They love to know when they are doing well but they are also concerned about their negative feedback, even that could be tough (basically, when someone tells you that you are not doing a good job, you would feel offended, right?). Their environment is competitive and when the store is crowded, they need to be in a good mood to work well with their customers.

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2. Connect with them using tools they already use

Today, adding a new app or platform onto the list they already use could be very difficult. Lately, the most widely used apps are social/entertainment ones like Facebook, Twitter, iMessage and WhatsApp.

We realized that if we wanted to increase the engagement at Praiseworthy, we would need to work like these apps. With that in mind, we created a completely new view of the feedback; — revamped our newsfeed to promote interactions between coworkers such as commenting on positive feedback as well as praising coworkers (liking) on a job well done. We also allow them to post random things updating their status like Facebook does.

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3. View negatives in a positive way

We were also concerned about their feelings, so we made negative feedback private between the person who received it and their managers, always reminding them it’s not a big deal and they can easily improve from it.

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4. Make it playful for them

To increase engagement for users within Praiseworthy, we opted to integrate the feel of a game within the product. One of our company values is playfulness so it was natural to incorporate it into the newsfeed. We put playfulness at work.

We created a “PRAISE” system that improves on the “likes” Facebook uses; the twist being users cannot self-praise but also have a limited number of praises available, further adding to the value of a ‘praise’. The positive reinforcement fosters the bond between team members as well as develops a better work environment. The key to customer satisfaction is to keep employees happy.

That’s the way we work at Praiseworthy, we are honest, positive and happy, just like our platform.

Starting the beta test for the Praiseworthy newsfeed has been an exciting process. Curious to see the results? We will let you know more soon about this playful experiment.

If you are interested in a Praiseworthy demo, try the survey here or just reach out.

By Pame Aránguiz, lead designer at Praiseworthy.

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